Tia Lee Yu Fen Releases Second Part of "GOODBYE PRINCESS" Animation Series, Thanks Fans For Roaring Success of First Episode

CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA - Media OutReach - 28 November 2022 - Grateful for the overwhelmingly positive response to the first episode of "GOODBYE PRINCESS", Tia Lee Yu Fen released the second part of the animation series "Stuck in Time" on 15 November. The first episode has been viewed over 28 million times since it was uploaded on 11 November and is now closing in on 100 million views, marking a record-breaking feat for the global C-Pop sensation.

The second instalment starts with the mermaid transforming into a princess, and being taken in a magical carriage to a palace surrounded by bright, colourful lights. Enroute, she excitedly tries on multiple dresses. But, as the lights start to fade, she is dispirited to see the palace disappearing into the distance and the carriage travelling in an endless circle. As midnight approaches, the princess leaps out of the carriage and runs towards an uncertain future. In the process of doing so, one of her shoes falls off and is left in the carriage.

What will happen to the princess? What twists and turns await ahead? Find out the secrets in the third episode of Tia Lee's thrilling animation series "GOODBYE PRINCESS", which was unveiled on 18 November.

A set of stunning motion and still images were also released together with a Vogue Hong Kong feature about Tia Lee Yu Fen that connects the animated video back to real life. Let Tia takes you to join her magical journey.

Official press materials:

"GOODBYE PRINCESS" Animation Episode 2:

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About Tia Lee Yu Fen:
Tia Lee Yu Fen, born in Taipei, is an Asian pop singer, film and television actress, model, and former member of the girl band Dream Girls who has also graced the cover of fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazines such as Vogue Hong Kong. Tia Lee also shares her beauty and fashion tips through a number of Vogue's social media channels.


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28 Nov 2022



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