Fusion of Metaverse and Online Shopping to Recreate the Ecology of Shopping - Liza applies AI technology to build the traceability system of products

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 26 May 2023 - Recently, Liza, a well-known community e-commerce company in Vietnam, announced that it has combined AI technology to create a brand-new commodity traceability system. Through this system, the circulation path of commodities can be queried with one click, which ensures the standardization and legality of commodity sources and can also protect consumers' rights and interests to a greater extent. Different from the previous online shopping mall of Web2 in Vietnam, Liza also used AI to optimize the shopping process of users' whole scene, and deeply explored the potential interests and needs of Vietnamese young people, creating an intensive multi-dimensional shopping ecosystem for users and creating a brand-new immersive online shopping experience.

Liza aims to provide global authentic and high-quality products to meet the needs of consumer groups. To enable more consumers to purchase high-quality global goods, collecting first-hand product consultation information and purchasing channels for users. It also conducts multiple verifications of product sources, authenticity, safety, and other aspects through AI technology to ensure the authenticity of the products. Meanwhile, in response to the current online shopping consumer group composed of young people in Vietnam, the Liza platform supports users in using global online payments or even digital currency payment methods.

Liza also focuses on enriching the content ecosystem and creating a diverse social space. It provides users with a window for creation and communication by building a content platform that includes various forms of presentation such as images, text, and videos. In the Liza community, creators, operators, and interested users in related fields such as metaverse, technology, and trends can create personal pages to freely create, discover, disseminate, and share high-quality content. Thus, users can enhance their emotional interactions from a single emotional connection to UGC's content sharing and communication, promoting multi-party win-win situations and achieving "Social to Earn".

As a rising star in the Vietnamese e-commerce market, Liza has demonstrated multi-dimensional strengths by providing high-quality global goods, creating a digital full scene shopping experience, and offering a diversified social platform. Hopefully, as Liza continues to expand the breadth and depth of AI technology applications on its platform, it will create more diverse, personalized, safe, efficient, and trendy online shopping experiences for more people.

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26 May 2023

聯繫 Media OutReach Newswire