TRON MainNet Unveils Four Critical Upgrades, Realizing Justin Sun's Vision of Substantial Ecosystem Investment

NEW YORK, US - Media OutReach - 3 July 2023 - On 1st July, TRON, a leading blockchain platform, has announced the release of Great Voyage—v4.7.2 (Periander), an upgraded version of its MainNet. This update brings forth a host of new governance proposals and critical updates. With the launch of its latest version, TRON's MainNet showcases enhanced usability, compatibility, scalability, and network performance, bolstering overall system functionality and promoting wider adoption and engagement within the TRON ecosystem.

TRON founder and member of the Huobi Global Advisory Board, Justin Sun, emphasized the organization's unwavering commitment to fostering the growth of the TRON ecosystem. TRON aims to attract more developers, capital, and users, facilitating collaborative efforts to incubate more quality projects and maximizing public value in the process. Complementing these initiatives, TRON remains dedicated to strengthening its infrastructure and expanding its DeFi ecosystem. By upholding its mission to empower financial freedom for the global population of 8 billion individuals, TRON is poised to revolutionize the cryptocurrency landscape.

Four Critical Upgrades

In this latest upgrade, TRON MainNet introduces significant improvements in four areas, including an advanced Stake 2.0 mechanism, seamless compatibility with EIP-3855, streamlined smart contract interface calling, and a revamped P2P network module.

TRON MainNet Periander introduces two important governance proposals for TRON Stake 2.0, both aimed at providing users with a more flexible staking experience. The first proposal allows users to withdraw their unstaking requests that are still in progress, giving them greater control over their staked resources. Additionally, the second proposal empowers users to customize the lockup period for delegated resources according to their individual needs, which makes staking on TRON hassle-free and highly flexible.

With the Periander upgrade, TRON strives to foster inclusivity in its network by achieving compatibility with Ethereum's EIP-3855. This new governance proposal ensures the compatibility between TRON's and Ethereum's virtual machines while reducing the associated costs to deploy and use smart contracts on the TRON network. Hopefully, it will attract more developers to TRON and promote enhanced interoperability between TRON and Ethereum ecosystems.

The overseer of this upgrade at TRON emphasizes how improved compatibility between the two public chains will facilitate easier asset circulation, greater integration of technologies, and reduced migration costs for projects across both chains. Ultimately, these benefits will extend to a wider community of developers and users.

As part of this upgrade, TRON has optimized triggersmartcontract and triggerconstantcontract, two interfaces for calling smart contracts, to provide developers with estimated transaction fees for deploying their contracts, thereby simplifying the deployment and development of smart contracts. This efficiency-boosting refinement paves the way for the creation of more high-quality DApps and stimulates the growth of a thriving TRON ecosystem.

The TRON MainNet Periander has undergone a comprehensive transformation of its P2P network module, introducing four key functionalities. Firstly, the upgraded network now incorporates a pre-detection mechanism for nodes pending connection to filter out invalid connection requests, which significantly enhances connection efficiency. Secondly, the implementation of the DNS protocol greatly improves the platform's availability by enabling the discovery of active nodes that are ready to connect to the TRON network. Furthermore, the network now supports the IPv6 protocol, a crucial development that enhances the scalability of Java-tron's network architecture in the future. Lastly, the introduction of message compression before transmission reduces the bandwidth requirements for Java-tron, leading to lower operational and maintenance costs. These four new features work in harmony to enhance the stability, reliability, and transmission efficiency of the TRON network. By providing a robust infrastructure, this upgrade empowers developers and users to explore new possibilities and drive innovation within the TRON ecosystem.

Key Step Forward in Growing the Ecosystem

The upgrade of TRON MainNet represents a pivotal move in Sun's unwavering dedication to investing in the ecosystem.

June 25 marks the fifth anniversary of TRON Independence Day, when TRON launched its MainNet. Now serving over 169 million users worldwide, TRON has processed more than 6 billion transactions and outshines the pack with a TVL (Total Value Locked) higher than $12.5 billion, second only to Ethereum.

By harnessing its strengths, TRON has cultivated a comprehensive ecosystem encompassing in-demand crypto sectors like NFTs, DeFi, GameFi, stablecoins, the metaverse, cross-chain solutions, and DIDs. Most notably, it has built a robust stablecoin ecosystem covering USDT, USDC, TUSD, USDJ, and USDD, which supports a whole gamut of compliant and decentralized stablecoin-related services with high circulation and collateral ratios. TRON also hosts the largest USDT circulating supply worth over $46 billion (60% of the total supply), making itself an unrivaled industry leader.

Boasting a vast user base and the largest circulating supply of a major stablecoin, TRON is empowered to prioritize the prosperity of its ecosystem. As such, with the aspiration to offer users and developers an increasingly inclusive and convenient infrastructure, TRON is motivated to roll out this significant mainnet upgrade.

During a recent TRON community seminar, Justin Sun expressed his commitment to expediting TRON's globalization and compliance efforts. TRON actively seeks to build a flourishing ecosystem, expanding its presence across different segments of the crypto industry. Additionally, it will prioritize long-term initiatives in education, environmental protection, and artificial intelligence while striving to realize the vision of establishing a metaverse financial free port. Through these endeavors, TRON aspires to contribute to the financial freedom of eight billion people on Earth.

Sun also underscored that, as a trailblazing blockchain infrastructure, TRON remains dedicated to ecosystem innovation and upgrade. The release of the Periander version promises a number of improvements in TRON, including higher user-friendliness, compatibility, and scalability. Moving forward, TRON remains steadfast in its commitment to enhancing the on-chain experience for its developers and users. It will also strive for greater integration with other blockchain ecosystems to boost industry-wide prosperity on a global scale.

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03 Jul 2023


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