VERTU Unveils Global Duty-Free Store Strategy with new opening in SANYA

SANYA, CHINA - Media OutReach - 4 July 2023 - VERTU, the world's premier luxury mobile phone brand, has unveiled its strategic plan to establish duty-free stores worldwide. Following the recent opening of their duty-free store in Sanya, VERTU is set to revolutionize the duty-free shopping experience for global travelers.

VERTU's duty-free store, located at Sanya International Duty Free Complex, is scheduled to open its doors on July 1, 2023. Positioned at B Zone, Ground Floor, next to Tiffany, this store will serve as a hallmark destination for discerning travelers seeking the finest in luxury mobile devices.

In line with their commitment to providing unparalleled service and exclusivity, VERTU offers a range of key features and highlights that make them stand out in the market. Let's take a closer look:

VERTU- Brand debuts its pop-up store with CDFG in duty free channel.

VERTU's duty-free stores serve as a platform to showcase the brand's commitment to excellence and luxury as well as cater to the unique needs of luxury travelers.The stores provide a captivating environment for customers to immerse themselves in the world of VERTU, surrounded by the finest craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.

VERTU - The Only Luxury Phone with a private butler concierge service

VERTU prides itself as the world's only luxury mobile phone brand to offer a dedicated British private butler concierge service. Customers can enjoy a truly unique experience with their own personal assistant, catering to their every need and ensuring an extraordinary level of service.

METAVERTU - The World's First WEB3 Phone

VERTU's duty-free store introduces the highly anticipated METAVERTU, the world's first WEB3 phone. Combining the power of blockchain and decentralized applications, this revolutionary device offers unparalleled security, privacy, and connectivity.

Exclusive IVERTU Collection, Available Only at Duty-Free channel

VERTU's duty-free store presents the exclusive IVERTU collection, a range of limited edition devices available only through duty-free channels. These meticulously crafted phones showcase VERTU's dedication to creating unique and unforgettable luxury experiences. IVERTU, as the one of the most popular models, has undergone updates in hardware, software, and aesthetics. The metallic V logo has been upgraded to a sleek black finish, enhancing its tactile appeal, and the leather components have been enhanced for a fuller and better feel.

Introducing VERTU's First AI Experience Store

In a groundbreaking move, VERTU unveils its first AI experience store within the duty-free outlet. Customers can explore the fusion of technology and luxury as they interact with VERTU's cutting-edge AI assistant V-GPT.Unlike Apple's App Store version, METAVERTU allows free and unlimited usage of ChatGPT without paying a subscription fee. Accessible via MetaSpace, METAVERTU grants users a comprehensive set of functionalities, including seamless one-click login, unlimited conversations at no cost (in contrast to the paid model on other platforms), and voice input for user queries.

With its Global Duty-Free And Travel Retail market strategy, VERTU aims to establish a strong presence in key travel hubs worldwide. By offering unparalleled luxury, personalized service, and exclusive products, VERTU continues to redefine the mobile phone industry and elevate the standards of luxury living.

For more information, visit VERTU's duty-free store at Sanya Haitang Bay International Duty-Free City, B Zone, Ground Floor (next to Tiffany) or visit their website at

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04 Jul 2023

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