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LIBREVILLE, GABON - African Media Agency - 3 August 2023 - The Fonds Gabonais d'Investissements Stratégiques (FGIS), its subsidiaries Façade Maritime du Champ Triomphal (FMCT), an urban development company, Luxury Green Resorts (LGR), a Gabonese tourism operator, on one hand, and the Kasada group, on the other hand, signed a partnership agreement on August 2nd, 2023, to develop hotels in Gabon.

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Through this agreement, FGIS, FMCT, LGR and Kasada, the independent real estate private equity platform dedicated to hospitality in Africa, are responding to the ambition to strengthen the attractiveness of the territory and boost the Gabonese economy. With a current portfolio of eighteen (18) hotels in eight (8) African markets, Kasada will be involved in identifying, evaluating, structuring, and managing hotel projects in Gabon, from conception to completion.

Among the projects to be analyzed as part of this collaboration is the upscale hotel complex in the northern zone of the Baie des Rois site. It will address the growing needs identified in terms of urban planning, business tourism and leisure, offering innovative services to users looking for unique, local experiences. Architecturally and environmentally innovative, the hotel will feature sustainable materials, water treatment and the use of green energy in line with international standards.

Baie des Rois is part of the urban development program for the Baie des Rois Special Investment Zone (ZIS), led by FMCT. In line with the Plan d'Accélération de la Transformation (PAT), Baie des Rois aims to become an exceptional hub meeting the criteria of a sustainable, innovative, low-carbon city. Situated on Libreville's waterfront, it stands out for its mixed use of real estate and commercial space for local residents.

Mr. Akim Mohamed DAOUDA, CEO of FGIS, declared: "This project is part of our overall strategy to develop sustainable infrastructures based on the valorization of our natural capital. The construction of an environmentally-friendly hotel complex will showcase Gabon's low-carbon solutions.”

Mr. Emmanuel EDANE, CEO of FMCT, declared: "The partnership with Kasada effectively demonstrates the investment opportunities offered by the Baie des Rois. This development zone will contribute to the economic influence and tourism growth of the Gabonese capital."

Mr. Olivier GRANET and Mr. David DAMIBA, Managing Partners of Kasada Capital Management, commented: "We are delighted to be partnering with FGIS and its subsidiaries. The Baie des Rois is an ambitious and exciting project. It demonstrates once again our expertise and our role as preferred partner for sovereign entities to carry out complex projects. Our ability to analyze projects of this scale and our agility in terms of financial structuring, enable us to find the right solution for this flagship project in Gabon. Furthermore, through this project, we aim to set a new standard for sustainable development in Gabon, in line with the country's initiatives to address climate change.”

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About FGIS
The Fonds Gabonais d'Investissements Stratégiques (FGIS) is the exclusive trustee of the Fonds Souverain de la République Gabonaise (FSRG) and of the unallocated holdings in the portfolio of the Gabonese State. The Fund invests in the strategic sectors of the national economy, with the aim of creating shared prosperity for the people of Gabon and future generations. As the financial investment instrument of the Republic of Gabon, the Fund supports government action by investing in four strategic sectors: infrastructure financing, support for SMEs, regional development and support for social sectors. FGIS also acts as the exclusive agent responsible for marketing carbon credits belonging to the Gabonese Republic as part of the fight against climate change.
About FMCT
Created in 2015, the Façade Maritime Champ Triomphal (FMCT) is the subsidiary of the Fonds Gabonais d'Investissements Stratégiques (FGIS) dedicated to the sustainable development of the Gabonese territory for the population and future generations. Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the company is responsible for the design and development of city infrastructure projects, facilities and real estate, notably on the Baie des Rois site. In 2023, Baie des Rois won two major awards, including Best Sustainable Infrastructure Project for its eco-responsible approach at the Africa Investments Forum & Awards (AIFA) and Best New Mega Development at the Marché International des Professionnels de l'Immobilier (MIPIM Awards).
About LGR
Luxury Green Resorts (LGR) is a tourism operator whose mission is to revitalize the tourism industry in Gabon while promoting the country's natural heritage. LGR is committed to preserving this heritage through projects carried out in close collaboration with local authorities, technical operators, civil society and communities.
Kasada is an independent real estate private equity platform dedicated to hospitality in Africa, advised by Kasada Capital Management, part of the Kasada group. The firm was launched with the backing of Qatar Investment Authority, the sovereign wealth fund of State of Qatar, and Accor, a world leading hospitality group. Kasada's strategy spans all segments, from economy to luxury, and targets both greenfield and brownfield projects. Kasada's hotels are operated under the banner of Accor's wide range of internationally renowned brands. By investing in a region that offers robust growth opportunities, Kasada aims to deliver both attractive risk-adjusted returns to investors and a long positive impact on local economies. In April 2019, Kasada held a close of its maiden fund, Kasada Hospitality Fund L.P., with equity commitments of over US$ 500 million.

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04 Aug 2023

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