Media OutReach Expands Regional Footprint With Malaysian Office, In Partnership With CENSE Media

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - Media OutReach - 28 May 2018 - Newswire service company Media OutReach now has a direct presence in Malaysia through its local partner CENSE Media to provide efficient delivery of press releases service with insightful reporting on news coverage.


With Malaysia now the third country to have a local office, Media OutReach will be working directly with local public relations agencies and companies to offer an immediate solution to effectively place their key messages in the print, trade publications, blogs, online media, newswires and broadcast media.  


The partnership with CENSE Media also enables local public relations agencies to go beyond Malaysia and expand the value and effectiveness of the services they offer by equipping them with a global reach to offer their clients even wider exposure.


Founder and managing director of Media OutReach, Jennifer Kok, said the decision to have a direct presence in Malaysia in partnership with Cense Media was the result of increasingly frequent requests from local agencies and companies in the country for the distribution service.


"Our partnership with Cense Media also demonstrates the commitment by Media OutReach to develop a strong network country by country for the distribution service that authentically helps clients to build media relations and visibility in online media in the digital era," added Kok.


In Malaysia, Media OutReach already has a database of almost 3,000 media contacts covering a wide range of vast industries and more than 90 websites that post the news releases that it disseminates, as well as the ability to provide more than 20 guaranteed online news postings in the Malaysian media.


"Newswire services are already widely used in Hong Kong and Singapore, and we feel that we now have the right partner with the strength to effectively offer this directly in Malaysia. The partnership with CENSE Media provides the added value for Media OutReach as it equips us with the valuable local knowledge of Malaysia's media landscape to strengthen the effectiveness of our distribution service over other newswires."


"The service is also an extremely powerful tool for Malaysian based companies with an international market as we can now immediately provide them with the global media reach through our extensive distribution network, especially as we can translate and distribute press releases to almost any country in the world."


"CENSE Media has strong connections with the business communities and with our presence in the radio industry, we are able to create an exclusive service offering where all releases from our partner Media OutReach will be read on the news segment of our radio stations," said CEO of CENSE Media, Malaysian media industry veteran Ms Rita Sim.


"Through the partnership with Media OutReach, we are able to introduce a service that would help Malaysian PR agencies and companies to have a newswires service that optimizes brand awareness and builds reputation locally and internationally," added Sim.


CENSE Media, she said, is pleased to work with Media OutReach because of its reputation as a newswire that focuses on helping clients to be successful in reaching out to the media in Malaysia, Asia Pacific and even further to North & Latin America, Europe, Africa and Middle East.


In Malaysia, many clients target the South East Asia (SEA) and ASEAN region and Media OutReach is the only newswire that has genuine local insights to help its clients build media relations and generate news coverage.


In addition to distribution, Media OutReach's post release reports are also a powerful. Analytical tool that shows that shows the ROI of each release and facilitates reporting in Word and Excel formats that allows easy benchmarking of budget expenditure.


About Media OutReach
About Media OutReach

Founded in Hong Kong in 2009, Media OutReach is the Asia Pacific's first full service newswire with its owndistribution network to 22 countries, serving as a newswire that delivers to the needs of its clients with the advantage of local media knowledge.


With offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, the company continues to focus on helping clients to build media relations, improve their outreach to the print and online media and providing post release reports with ROI and multi-insights.


Today, Media OutReach services more than 800 clients across the Asia Pacific region as well as internationally.  For more information, please visit Media OutReach at


About Cense Media
About Cense Media

CENSE Media is the licensee and marketing arm for CITY Plus 106FM, a Chinese language business radio station serving the needs of the SMEs in Kuala Lumpur, and two leading radio stations in East Malaysia, KUPIKUPI 96.3FM which is a local community radio station in Sabah and CITYPlus 92.5 FM - Kuching's 1st Business Station


For more information, please visit Cense Media at


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28 May 2018


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