Media OutReach Expands into Vietnam Through Exclusive Sales and Content Partnership with Viet Nam News

HANOI, VIETNAM AND HONG KONG - Media OutReach - 20 February 2019 - The Asia Pacific's first global newswire, Media OutReach, has expanded its Asia Pacific footprint following the signing of an exclusive sales and content partnership with one of Indochina's most successful media organisations -- the Viet Nam News.

The agreement offers Media OutReach customers access to four of Vietnam's leading media titles and their influential audiences. They include the country's only English-language daily newspaper, Viet Nam News; the BizHub business portal; the Vietnam Plus current affairs website and Bao Tin Tuc which carries general news  in Vietnamese.


Media OutReach was founded with the pioneering objective of being an expert on Asia Pacific media and creator of insightful post release reporting which allows clients to benchmark performance. Today, Media OutReach is the first global newswire founded in Asia Pacific and the only newswire in the world that has its own distribution network covering 22 countries across this region.


"This partnership with Viet Nam News represents an opportunity to reach Vietnamese media more efficiently by extending our international press release distribution service with a strong local distribution network, and providing guaranteed online news posting on more than eight news websites in the country," said Jennifer Kok, Founder and Managing Director of Media OutReach.

"Since we began our partnership, we have helped disseminate news for Vietnamese multi-nationals and government agencies that are reaching out to journalists in Vietnam, Asia Pacific and international markets. Our service helps local PR professionals and agencies access the tools and channels they need to build reputations for their clients with Vietnamese and international media. Guaranteed online news posting helps companies enhance their SEO and empower their social media sharing," she said.

The development also provides Media OutReach with access to Viet Nam News' trained sales teams in its Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City offices, whose contacts and valuable local knowledge will help the newswire offer clients more effective, precisely targetted services.


"Viet Nam News is pleased to be partnering with Media OutReach, which enjoys a reputation for pushing back the frontiers in the communications industry. The corporate news content  on our news site is valuable for both our readership and Media OutReach clients, and we are pleased to play a role in bringing the service to advance the communication industry in line with  Vietnam's expanding economy," said Trinh Thanh Thuy, Editor in Chief of Viet Nam News.

Media OutReach already has a broad database of more than 2,000 media contacts and websites in Vietnam to post news releases as part of brand awareness and reputation building progammes. According to Kok, the decision to expand its presence in Vietnam coincides with increasingly demands from local agencies and companies in the country for distribution services. We are also seeing an increasing number of journalists in Vietnam that are using our clients' releases to craft stories.

"The ability to reach out to audiences in their local-language is critical to any Asia Pacific communications professionals interested in building media relations and generating news coverage. As such, in addition to establishing an exclusive relationship with Viet Nam News, we are also investing in localization services to rewrite releases to feed our local Vietnamese media partners. We do this in order to create a strong local communication outreach  to support the Vietnam's expanding PR industry," said Kok.

About Media OutReach
About Media OutReach
Founded in Hong Kong in 2009, Media OutReach is the Asia Pacific's first full service newswire with its own distribution network in 22 countries. With offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, the company is focussed on helping clients to build media relations, improve their outreach to the print and online media and gain market insight and track ROI through detailed post-release reports. Today, Media OutReach supports more than 800 clients across the Asia Pacific region as well as internationally. For more information, please visit Media OutReach at
About Viet Nam News
About Viet Nam News

Viet Nam News is one of Indochina's most successful media organisations. Headquartered in Hanoi and published by the Vietnam News Agency, its popular titles include the country's only English-language daily newspaper, Viet Nam News, and the BizHub business portal. Also published by the Vietnam News Agency are the VietnamPlus current affairs website, which carries coverage in Vietnamese, English, French, Chinese and Spanish; as well as the local-language news site, Bao Tin Tuc. For more information, please visit Viet Nam News at:


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20 Feb 2019


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