Three Cyberport start-ups' mobile games win Best Indies of the Year from Google Play Hong Kong

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 16 December 2021 - Three mobile games developed by Cyberport start-ups, "Gate of Mobius" by Goblin Gamer Company Limited, "Tiny Fantasy: Epic Action Adventure RPG game" by Minidragon Limited, and "Working Hero 2: Clash of Legends" by Add Mission Workshop Limited, were awarded the Best Indies of the Year by Google Play Hong Kong. In addition, "Gate of Mobius" and "Tiny Fantasy: Epic Action Adventure RPG game" won the Best Indies of the Year from Google Play Taiwan.

Three mobile games developed by Cyberport start-ups, "Gate of Mobius" by Goblin Gamer Company Limited, "Tiny Fantasy: Epic Action Adventure RPG game" by Minidragon Limited, and "Working Hero 2: Clash of Legends" by Add Mission Workshop Limited, are awarded the Best Indies of the Year by Google Play Hong Kong.

Google Play announces its "Best of the Year" list in accordance with market reactions to reveal the best apps and games in various regions each year. In addition to its "Game of the Year" award, Google Play awarded "Best Indies of the Year" to recognize popular games designed by independent game developers. The winning games are placed at the top of Google Play's "Best of 2021" list and recommended to Google users.

Eric Chan, Chief Public Mission Officer of Cyberport, said, "Mobile gaming is an important part of the digital entertainment industry with huge market potential. Market research firm Newzoo has estimated that the global mobile gaming market will reach US$90.7 billion this year and will grow to US$116.4 billion in 2024. Three Cyberport start-ups' mobile games are on the awards list of Google Play, the major digital distribution platform for mobile apps, which is great encouragement to our digital entertainment and esports community. It proves that their games are well-received by the market, and that they have the potential to expand into overseas markets as well. Cyberport will continue to support local game developers in seizing market opportunities and expanding their business through the Cyberport Incubation Programme and huge business network, therefore relevant employment and entrepreneurial opportunities will be created for our young people."

Independent game developers: Innovation is the way out amid competition

"Gate of Mobius" is a real-time online shooting game with multiple players and different languages, including Chinese and English, designed by Goblin Gamer Company Limited. The game is inspired by classic fairy tales such as Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood, and is rendered in watercolor with a delicate painting style. It successfully attracts players from local and global markets such as Brazil, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand and the United States, with cumulative downloads reaching over 600,000. Ken Chan, Director of Goblin Gamer Company Limited, said, "As independent game developers have limited human resources, only a few companies in Hong Kong can introduce multiplayer online games. This award recognizes our effort and also enhances our company's reputation, which will help us to reach investors more easily for further game development. We are also planning to launch VR shooting games under the growing VR game market."

Launched in February of this year, the "Tiny Fantasy: Epic Action Adventure RPG game", designed by Minidragon Limited, is a hack-and-slash game which targeted the Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan markets. The game has been downloaded more than 500,000 times. Hank Choi, Co-founder of Minidragon Limited, said, "Small-scale gaming companies have limited funds, so innovation is the way out amid competition. Our game integrates the traditional computer game element of a large number of enemies into mobile games, allowing players to experience the thrill of fighting against groups of enemies anytime and anywhere, and it has attracted many players."

Hong Kong games successfully enter overseas markets

Following the success of the first episode, Cyberport start-up Add Mission Workshop Limited and Gamemiracle co-launched the incubation game "Working Hero 2: Clash of Legends". With 1980s Hong Kong as the background and a Hong Kong comics and ink painting style, game players change into martial arts heroes with the appearance of ordinary workers. Silver Li, Game Producer at Add Mission Workshop Limited, said, "Our game is popular in the local market while 50% of the players come from Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. In the early stages of game development, gaming start-ups face challenges such as limited income. The Cyberport Incubation Programme provides start-ups with funding and free office support, so that they can focus on developing quality games. In addition, industry exchange meetings are held from time to time, which help stimulate creativity and promote mutual support within the community."

There are around 150 digital entertainment and esports start-ups in the Cyberport community, covering game development, esports technology applications, game publishing and competition platforms. Cyberport supports start-ups through the "Cyberport Incubation Programme", "Esports Industry Facilitation Scheme" and "Esports Internship Scheme", and organises different types of events, such as the annual flagship "Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum" which was held successfully last week, to promote industry development and exchanges.

About Cyberport
About Cyberport

Cyberport is an innovative digital community with around 800 on-site start-ups and technology companies. It is managed by Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited, wholly owned by the Hong Kong SAR Government. With a vision to be the hub for digital technology, thereby creating a new economic driver for Hong Kong, Cyberport is committed to nurturing a vibrant tech ecosystem by cultivating talent, promoting entrepreneurship among youth, supporting start-ups, fostering industry development by promoting strategic collaboration with local and international partners, and integrating new and traditional economies by accelerating digital transformation in public and private sectors.

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