HONMA Golf Names Li Yifeng as its Brand Ambassador in China

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 20 May 2022 - HONMA Golf Limited ("HONMA" or the "Company", together with its subsidiaries, the "Group"; HKEx stock code: 6858), one of the most prestigious golf brands worldwide, announced today that the Group has named the renowned artist Li Yifeng as its brand ambassador in China. The new collaboration marks a milestone for the 65-year-old brand to further promote the spirit of golf to a wider audience and to inspire new participation in the sport of golf across China.

Li Yifeng, HONMA brand ambassador
Li Yifeng, HONMA brand ambassador

Founded in 1959 in Japan, HONMA is one of the most prestigious and iconic brands in the golf industry, synonymous with intricate craftsmanship, dedication to performance excellence and distinguished product quality. Its beautifully hand-crafted golf equipment carries a distinct reputation in both "premium performance" and "magnificent artistry" and has been prized by golf aficionados for decades.

As one of the most popular singers and actors in mainland China, 35-year-old Li Yifeng is an idol to millions and garners great acclaim from the public for his sporty and stylish appearance, healthy and positive lifestyle and outstanding versatility in acting and music. He is known to be a pure perfectionist and always pushes the envelope of what is possible which perfectly aligns with HONMA's brand philosophy.

Li Yifeng, HONMA brand ambassador x BERES 5-Star golf club
Li Yifeng, HONMA brand ambassador x BERES 5-Star golf club

On the occasion of celebrating HONMA's 65th anniversary, HONMA and Li Yifeng are delighted to present the 65th anniversary limited edition SAKURA DANCE club series that has been designed specifically for lady golfers in Asia. SAKURA DANCE blends the elegant design of fashion and art with state-of-the-art golf club manufacturing techniques. Together with the club set comes a luxurious gift bag that contains a full set of golf apparel, balls and other accessories from the same series, making it an all-inclusive set for even the most novice of golfer to confidently take to the course. The SAKURA DANCE series is expected to give rise to more outdoor-loving lady consumers taking to the fairways.

65th Anniversary Limited Edition Series of HONMA SAKURA DANCE
65th Anniversary Limited Edition Series of HONMA SAKURA DANCE
Li Yifeng, HONMA brand ambassador x SAKURA DANCE luxurious gift bag
Li Yifeng, HONMA brand ambassador x SAKURA DANCE luxurious gift bag

While the public enthusiasm in wellness and outdoor sports continues to grow, the golf industry in China is also embracing unprecedented development and new participants. Consumer demand for professional and fashionable sports equipment and apparel has boomed significantly. As a well-established brand in golf, HONMA is boldly exploring and innovating to fulfill the constantly evolving consumer needs. The collaboration between HONMA and Li Yifeng is designed to breakdown the golf stereotype of being a business-oriented sport, aiming to broaden the brand's reach to a wider spectrum of sports enthusiasts and the younger generation who aspire to an active and quality life, and to encourage them to pick up a club and experience the healthy, green, elegant and natural lifestyle of golf.

Mr. LIU Jianguo, Chairman of the Board, President and Executive Director of HONMA Golf Limited, said, "HONMA has never ceased innovating and exploring, always maintaining its finger on the pulse of the latest generation of consumers. As the brand marches into its 65th anniversary, we are excited to collaborate with such an outstanding and talented artist as Mr. Li Yifeng. We believe that with HONMA's distinctive brand and products and Mr. Li's strong public influence, together we could inspire more of the public to participate in this healthy outdoor sport and contribute to the further development of the golfing community in China."

"Moving forward, HONMA will continue to build its brand awareness around the growing number of sport-loving and sophisticated consumers in China as well as in other major golf markets and adhere to a multi-channel strategy across all product lines, creating a diversified 360-degree immersive brand experience for golfers around the world. We will strive to create long-term, sustainable value for our shareholders as we grow into the world's leading golf lifestyle brand," LIU added.

About HONMA Golf Limited
About HONMA Golf Limited
HONMA is one of the most prestigious and iconic brands in the golf industry. Founded in 1959, the Group utilizes the latest innovative technologies and traditional Japanese craftsmanship to provide golfers around the world with premium, high-tech and the best performing golf clubs, balls, apparels and accessories. HONMA's products are sold in approximately 50 countries worldwide, primarily in Asia and across North America, Europe and other regions. The Group was successfully listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on 6 October 2016 (SEHK stock code: 6858). As the only vertically integrated golf Group with in-house design, development and manufacturing capabilities, a strong retail footprint in Asia and a diverse range of golf clubs and golf-related products, HONMA is perfectly positioned to continually grow its business in Asia and beyond, benefitting from the return of golfers in mature golf markets such as the US and Japan and from increased participation in golf's new and under-penetrated markets such as Korea and China.


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21 May 2022


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