DrGo debuts "Diabetes Mellitus Awareness Programme"

Offering health risk assessment and complications monitoring

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach – 29 August 2022 - HKT (SEHK: 6823) - HKT's one-stop telemedicine platform DrGo announced a collaboration with Hong Kong Diabetes Specialist Centre (HKDM) and Roche Diagnostics (Hong Kong) Limited to launch the "Diabetes Mellitus Awareness Programme". The programme offers DrGo users a free self-assessment that measures their diabetes mellitus risk levels, as well as provide a series of short videos with the aim of raising disease awareness and alerting them on the possible complications. The programme also provides discounts on different diabetic monitoring products and healthcare services.

Online self-assessment questionnaire on risk level of diabetes mellitus on DrGo's website.
Online self-assessment questionnaire on risk level of diabetes mellitus on DrGo's website.

Diabetes mellitus is one of the most common chronic diseases in Hong Kong, ranking as the tenth most common cause of death1. There are currently around 700,000 people afflicted in Hong Kong, representing about 10% of the total population2. DrGo is committed to safeguarding Hong Kong people's health, which led to the launch of this comprehensive "Diabetes Mellitus Awareness Programme".

Ms Teresa Ng, Chief Commercial Officer of DrGo, said, "Besides providing remote video consultation services, DrGo has been exploring different innovative solutions to offer users a more efficient and well-rounded healthcare experience. Through the 'Diabetes Mellitus Awareness Programme', users can use digital monitoring devices to measure blood sugar levels and other health indicators in a timely and convenient manner, and the DrGo app can automatically record and track their results in real time. This will help them understand their health conditions better and prevent issues from occurring. The 'Diabetes Mellitus Awareness Programme' is a holistic health management solution that brings together DrGo's advanced technology and expertise from its extensive network of medical partners, which in turn will help enhance public knowledge of the disease."

Self-assessment questionnaire provides in-depth analysis of diabetes mellitus risk level

According to the 2014/15 Population Health Survey published by Hong Kong's Department of Health in November 2021, approximately half of diabetes mellitus patients were undiagnosed prior to completing the survey1. This suggests that there are many people who do not realise that they are at high-risk of getting the disease. In light of this, DrGo invited HKDM's medical expert team to prepare an online self-assessment questionnaire which measures the risk level of diabetes mellitus (drgo.com.hk/diabetes-mellitus-test/index_en.html). It takes users just a few minutes to answer the questionnaire, after which they will instantly receive the results of the assessment to alert them to their risk of developing Type 2 diabetes mellitus, the most common type, and any pre-diabetes symptoms. The programme's dedicated medical team will also provide users with relevant health advice based on their results, helping them to better understand and manage their health.

Easy to understand educational short videos to explain diabetes mellitus

As part of the programme, DrGo is launching a series of diabetes mellitus educational videos with HKDM (www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs2FxwnT_rSRKQku51s7tVwElqLwi2ilu). With bite-sized, easy to understand content, the videos explain diabetes mellitus and ways to manage and monitor it, especially in relation to disease complications and risk levels. Dr Fancies CC Chow, HKDM Chairman and Managing Director and an Endocrinology and Diabetes specialist, said, "Besides controlling blood sugar levels, knowing how to manage diabetes mellitus is important to prevent complications and reduce fatality. In line with the notion of 'preventing exacerbation through disease management', people should conduct comprehensive assessments of diabetes mellitus complications regularly, so that they can develop and adjust their treatment plan. To achieve the best clinical outcome, plans could include designing menus to help maintain a balanced diet, setting up an exercise schedule to help with weight control, and monitoring blood sugar levels at home."

DrGo Heath Store offers discounts for different diabetes mellitus medical services and products

Promoting the launch of the "Diabetes Mellitus Awareness Programme", DrGo Health Store (www.drgohealthstore.com.hk), an online platform for health and medical products, is now offering limited-time discounts on selected diabetes mellitus related products and services, in an effort to encourage people who are concerned with diabetes mellitus to proactively take care of their health.

Mr Ronald Lo, General Manager of Roche Diagnostics (Hong Kong) Limited, said, "With a mission to help patients and healthcare workers improve treatment outcomes, Roche Diagnostics is committed to developing and providing solutions relating to disease prevention and monitoring. Diabetes mellitus is a key area of focus for us, to which we dedicate great resources. We are delighted to collaborate with DrGo on this innovative programme to increase awareness of diabetes mellitus and improve the overall well-being of the Hong Kong public."

To register for DrGo services, please download the DrGo app at drgohkt.page.link/download_app. For further details of DrGo services, please call our service hotline at +852 2380 2323 or visit our website at www.drgo.com.hk.

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About DrGo
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29 Aug 2022



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