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HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 27 February 2023 - With the brand spirit of "Make Life a Party", Shanghai Tang is a luxury brand that represents the international high-end lifestyle by adhering to the core of cultural pioneers and contemporary Eastern aesthetics. Shanghai Tang has always been committed to promoting contemporary Chinese art to enrich the meaning of modern fashion and bring a fresh approach to high fashion. In recent years, SHANGHAI TANG has collaborated with Xu Bing on special collections, with Zhou Yi Lun and Chen Wei on the first concept shop "Ji Chun", and with Long Di on the Year of the Tiger collection, among others. Extending the legend of its founder, Sir David Tang, to promote contemporary art in China, SHANGHAI TANG continues to create opportunities for art and fashion, striving to be a central force in the development of a more profound interpretation of Eastern aesthetics.


With Art Basel just around the corner, Shanghai Tang has collaborated with artist Long Di to launch a limited-edition art collection called "Rui Rabbit Spring", available exclusively at Shanghai Tang online and in-store. In Chinese culture, the rabbit is often referred to as a spirit that represents prosperity and good fortune. Long Di takes inspiration from this traditional mythology and creates illustrations that portray the rabbit's auspicious symbolism in a contemporary style.

In the three limited-edition prints of the paintings, the white rabbit embraces a pink peach to signify long life and good health, the gold rabbit embraces a gold dollar to signify wealth and prosperity, and the pink rabbit transforms into countless hearts to convey that love is abundant. The postcard accompanying the print depicts a woman in and three rabbits in harmony, a symbol of fertility. These works combine the auspicious symbolism of ancient Chinese culture with a sense of humour in contemporary painting.

The bags, bone china tableware and scented candles are practical with a strong artistic touch; in line with Shanghai Tang's long-standing brand DNA of integrating art into the brand.

Artist Background:

Long Di, lives in Beijing and was born into an artistic family. Before becoming a professional artist, Long Di received her MA in American History from the University of Georgia and lived and worked in New York. Her life experiences have greatly influenced her work. She is adept at exploring people's emotions in the context of contemporary urban life, and uses vivid brushstrokes to describe the romantic, ironic or dramatic moments of contemporary gender power relationships.

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