Apple Storage Group – The First Wine Storage Store to Grandly Open in June

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 19 May 2023 - Apple Storage Group has been committed to providing customers with diversified storage spaces to help them store various household items, seasonal clothing, and collectibles, to regain a comfortable living environment. In recent years, with the growing demand for red wine storage, Apple Storage Group will launch its first new branch, "Apple Wine Cellar," in June of this year.

New Branch with European Fashion Design
"Apple Wine Cellar" is located in the bustling area of Cheung Sha Wan, and the branch is designed in European style, with sleek design, providing customers with a comfortable and cozy wine storage environment. In addition, the branch has a variety of red wine storage cabinets, including the first sliding red wine storage cabinet, small red wine storage cabinets, and red wine storage spaces of different sizes, to meet the different red wine storage needs of customers.

High-End Wine Storage Standard
Apple Wine Cellar strictly follows the international standard for high-end wines, equipped with a UV-free lighting system to ensure that the quality and label of red wine are not affected by UV rays. In addition, the branch is equipped with a high-end intelligent temperature and humidity control and monitoring system, ensuring that the red wine storage warehouse maintains a temperature between 11-17°C and a humidity within 55-80% throughout the year, meeting the HKQAA standard for high-end wine storage.

Professional Security
To ensure customer privacy and security, "Apple Wine Cellar" adopts a facial recognition and intelligent card access system, 24-hour high-definition surveillance, professional ADT anti-theft system, and complete fire protection equipment to ensure the safety of customers' wine collections. In addition, customers' private collections can enjoy a free insurance compensation of HKD 200,000.

Leisure Area & Wine Tasting Zone
The branch has a comfortable tasting area and various wine tasting equipment, providing customers with a comfortable environment for them to taste their collections with family and friends. In addition, "Apple Wine Cellar" also provides a cold-weather clothing borrowing service, providing customers with the most caring service.

Apple Wine Cellar | Limited Time Special Offer
To celebrate the opening of the new branch, "Apple Wine Cellar" currently offers early bird pre-leasing discounts, allowing new and old customers to enjoy selected storage discounts. For details, please visit .

In addition to "Apple Wine Cellar," Apple Storage Group also provides diversified storage services, including U SPACE mini storage, as well as door-to-door mini box storage service and door-to-door mini storage service, to help customers store various items, making their lives more comfortable. The current monthly rent starts as low as HKD 45 per sq. ft..

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For details on U SPACE mini storage, please visit .

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19 May 2023

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