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HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 7 June 2023 - The "The Real Entrepreneur Show" aims to assist Hong Kong youth entrepreneurs aged 18-30 in developing their creative ideas and leadership skills. It also encourages more young people to choose entrepreneurship as a career path. Through providing entrepreneurship support to winners, the program aims to help young people realize their entrepreneurial dreams. To do this, the program will offer a range of resources, such as mentorship, networking opportunities, and funding. This program will help winners bring their ideas to life. The program is jointly organized by JCI Ocean and BNI Leaders.

"The Real Entrepreneur Show" program officially launched

Titus Chan, Vice President of JCI Ocean, said that since joining the organization, he has actively participated in various work plans. He has provided leadership development opportunities for young people through this program, promoting positive change. He hopes to unleash the potential of young people by participating in various activities, gaining experience and enriching themselves, and cultivating young people to become "today's aspiring entrepreneurs, tomorrow's leaders." Through continuous efforts, he has become an outstanding representative of the organization and the business community and hopes to attract more young people to join the ranks of opportunity and challenge.

The "The Real Entrepreneur Show" program is divided into three stages, including multiple workshops, inviting experts to share entrepreneurial information and knowledge, and assisting participants in realizing their entrepreneurship dreams. The workshops cover a variety of entrepreneurial topics. These include social media workshops, social platform fan growth and monetization crash courses, Startup Fund, Start It Fun, etc.

In an interview, Titus believes that in today's global economy, young entrepreneurs need funding and resources to support their ideas. The recent pandemic and inflation have been significant challenges for young entrepreneurs. Even with the difficulties, he believes that such experiences can motivate young entrepreneurs and lead to better development after economic recovery. Titus has a positive attitude toward the local entrepreneurial environment. He strongly believes that through hard work and innovation, young entrepreneurs can overcome difficulties and create more value and contributions to society.

The "The Real Entrepreneur Show" program aims to help young people learn how to start a business through a series of workshops, competitions, and activities. Additionally, Titus says participants can meet company leaders in different fields and gain access to established networks. He encourages young people to seize every opportunity and unleash their potential because opportunities like this can come at any time. By participating in these activities, young people can gain valuable experience and skills and establish their social network. This will prepare them for their future entrepreneurial journey.

In addition, the "The Real Entrepreneur Show" also includes a one-day boss activity, allowing participants to practice business models and gain practical experience. This activity provides participants with real-life experience of running a business, understanding the complexities of the business environment, and working together with peers to develop and implement a successful business strategy. Young people can learn valuable entrepreneurial experience and skills from it, paving the way for their future entrepreneurial journey. The program hopes to encourage more Hong Kong youth to explore their own path to success.

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JCI Ocean is the 16th branch of JCI Hong Kong, with the goal of "serving society and training oneself," providing aspiring business leaders with unlimited personal development, international opportunities, social development, and business expansion. The organization plans and organizes various forms of work plans, including forward-looking social problem work plans, with a key program in 2023 being the "The Real Entrepreneur Show". Through cooperation with the world's leading business network BNI, the program offers a platform for young people who are still in school or early in their careers to easily access different industries, learn more entrepreneurial methods and insights, and help them unleash their potential and create more youth employment and career advancement opportunities for society. The organization aims to provide a platform for young people to access different industries. It also aims to develop entrepreneurial methods and insights and ultimately gain employment and career opportunities. By partnering with BNI, the organization can use its network to establish a platform for young people to have access to these resources and opportunities that they may not have had before. For more details: , email:

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07 Jun 2023

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