K-Melon Summer Chill: 5 Korean Melons in Season

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 22 June 2023 - It's the beginning of June, the season of Korean watermelon, honeydew melon and cantaloupe. This year, K-Orchard has launched five new selections of Korean melons, which are now available in all retail outlets. Just in time for Father's Day, there is also a limited-time "Father's Day Special Offer" starting June 10, where you can get a Korean watermelon and mini watermelon set for only $188. Whether it's a cool and thirst-quenching watermelon, a sweet and tasty honeydew melon or a fragrant melon, K-Orchard is ready for you.


K-Orchard's melons are grown in the fertile soil of Korea, receiving plenty of sunlight and perfect local ripening, so that each melon is full and juicy with the highest level of sweetness and aroma. Fresh and delicious fruits are hard to come by, so visit one of the designated retail outlets to get your hands on them.


Five selected K-Orchard melons:

1、Korean Watermelon

Korean watermelon grows in a sunny and fertile environment, with a more rounded appearance than watermelons from other countries, each one is sweet and juicy. And because of the huge proportion of flesh, one watermelon is enough to share with many people. The taste is refreshing and sweet, and it is a very popular fruit in Korea, very suitable for enjoying in the hot summer.

2、Korean mini watermelon

This cute little watermelon is a new variety of watermelon produced in Gyeongbuk Moon Kyung, Korea. It is rich in vitamin C and potassium, and is smaller and thinner than regular watermelons, so it can be peeled and eaten like an apple. It is fresh, sweet and juicy, so when it is hot in summer, you can eat it along the way to relieve the heat effectively. The sweetness of watermelon is higher than normal watermelon, up to 13 sugar level. The taste is crisp and juicy, is a must-have summer heat.

3、Korean golden melon

With the aroma of honeydew melon is a Korean specialty fruit, can be said to be "low-calorie version" of honeydew melon. As a "weight loss boon", only about 27 calories per 100 grams of cucumber, loved by local health people in Korea. It is rich in vitamins A, C and potassium, which help to reduce edema and diuresis. It is definitely a savior for those who love to taste sweetness but are afraid of gaining weight. For cough relief and digestion, you can also eat it with the seeds. Perfectly ripe yellow gold melon will give off a tempting fruit aroma, white flesh sweet and juicy.

4、Korean melon

Korean netted melon is a rich fragrance, very JUICY summer Korean fruit representative. When ripe, it exudes a unique sweet aroma. The flesh is delicate and soft, with a high moisture content. It is also high in nutritional value, rich in calcium, iron, vitamin A and vitamin C. It contains four times more vitamins than watermelon and six times more than apples. Local people prefer to use it to make ice, juice and salads and other kinds of food.

5、Korean emerald white honeydew melon (meteor shower honeydew melon)

This special name is derived from the fact that its rind sometimes appears like a meteor shower of green spots. Meteor shower melon is very popular in Korea, and is also known as the best of the melons. The thin skin and thick flesh of the Meteor Shower Honeydew melon are delicate and silky, with a soft white color like ice-cream, and the sweetness is about 5% higher than other melons, up to 24 degrees.


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5 seasonal selections of melons are now available:
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