starsleep Enters Hong Kong Market with Health Tech Products To Help the Silver Generation Get Better Sleep

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 19 September 2023 - starsleep, the technology-driven healthcare product brand of the U.S.-headquartered company Charme Health Tech ('Charme') enters the Hong Kong market with the opening of its first Hong Kong store in Causeway Bay. It debuted in Hong Kong two of its stellar products, the first-ever adjustable rotating bed orin, and adjustable massage chair starise, which are specifically designed to offer the silver generation extra comfort from the bedroom to the living room.

starsleep’s grand opening Guests(fifth from left: Chairman of Charme, Morris Zou; fourth from left: Former Secretary for Innovation and Technology, Alfred Sit Wing Hang, JP; second from right: Chairman of Morris Home, Tse Kam Pang;).
starsleep’s grand opening Guests(fifth from left: Chairman of Charme, Morris Zou; fourth from left: Former Secretary for Innovation and Technology, Alfred Sit Wing Hang, JP; second from right: Chairman of Morris Home, Tse Kam Pang;).

starsleep has developed an accompanying proprietary health management app, starnote, which works in conjunction with orin to monitor the user's sleep pattern and quality. It comes with a range of added functions such as medication and diet monitoring to help maintain the user's general health.

Zou Gebing, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Charme, said, "starsleep is committed to revolutionalizing the industry through technology. Furniture does not have to be static and can be as dynamic as one can imagine. The silver generation, or golden agers generation, is the fastest growing demographic in many parts of the world, particularly in East and Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America. Yet, there are insufficient products in the market that respond to the needs of an ageing population. We strive to meet this demand and fill the market gap by developing the starsleep brand of products, created with the golden agers' daily health needs and home comforts in mind. With the central proposition of boosting the functionality of traditional homewares through the integration of technology, starsleep aspires to set a benchmark for elderly-oriented smart furniture. In addition to individual customers, we look forward to working with elderly home care operators to introduce starsleep to institutions and contribute to enhancing the comfort of the silver generation."

The adjustable rotating bed orin debuted can rotate 90 degrees to assist the user to get off the bed with the press of a button. The product consists of a smart bed frame accompanied by breathable mattress designed with an air chamber massage function created to provide muscle relaxation. orin is equipped with built-in sleep quality monitoring and report generation functions. For better safety and protection, it comes with a wired remote control with screen lock to prevent accidental touching.

starise is an ergonomic adjustable massage recline chair created for the silver generation and patients in rehabilitation and recovery. It helps the user to stand up easily and reduces the risk of injuries. The massage function is of high industry standard, making it a perfect fit for a leisurely and comfy lifestyle.

Following the opening of the first Causeway Bay store, starsleep aims to open more brick-and-mortar stores across Hong Kong, as well as an online store, in the coming year. starsleep is positioned not only for B2C but also B2B, with a plan to expand its business into the elderly care industry as a luxury option for discerning residents.

starsleep products currently serve the elderly or individuals in need of special care and their caregivers,offering medication records, diet records, chronic disease management, and overnight risk warnings in conjunction with starnote. The starnote app is expected to incorporate chatbots powered by artificial intelligence by the fourth quarter of 2023. The second range of products under the starsleep brand will include tech-powered hardware and software products designed to maintain the health of the silver generation.

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About Charme Health Tech
About Charme Health Tech
Founded by Mr. Zou Gebing, the founder and former chairman of Morris Home (Stock Code: 1575.HK), Charme Health Tech is incorporated in Delaware, U.S.A. and operates across the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Charme is committed to revolutionizing the smart bed industry and providing luxury comfort household products. Charme's team of specialists and engineers are dedicated to technological innovation and providing the best possible sleeping experiences through the technical advantages of 4cs (Cost, Comfort, Convenience and Connectivity). Morris Home is Charme Health Tech's strategic shareholder and partner.
About starsleep
starsleep is a technology-empowered furniture brand headquartered in the U.S. with a range of smart bedroom furniture products designed and produced for the silver generation. starsleep's flagship products include the innovative adjustable rotating bed orin and adjustable dynamic chair starise, which enhance mobility and feature massage and heating functions. starsleep is supported by the starnote mobile application, to provide comprehensive home-based elderly care.





20 Sep 2023

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