Ashes of the Kingdom Became a Medium for Youth in Singapore to Learn About Chinese Culture

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach Newswire - 30 May 2024 - Qookka Games is thrilled to announce the findings of a recent study revealing that their latest game, "Ashes of the Kingdom," has become a significant medium for youth in Singapore to engage with and learn about Chinese culture. This immersive drama card game has captivated players since its global release on March 30, 2023, across 133 regions worldwide.

Cover image of Ashes of the Kingdom
Cover image of Ashes of the Kingdom

Following its launch, "Ashes of the Kingdom" quickly ascended to top rankings in several countries, demonstrating its global appeal and engaging gameplay. The game now boasts over 100,000 followers on its Facebook page, a testament to its growing popularity and community engagement.

A New Portal to Chinese Culture for Singaporean Youth
"Ashes of the Kingdom" is more than just a game. It offers players an exhilarating experience while deeply enriching their understanding of the rich narratives and historical significance of the Chinese Three Kingdoms era. This educational aspect sets the game apart, providing a valuable cultural bridge and learning tool for young people in Singapore and beyond.

"Ashes of the Kingdom" is a game deeply rooted in the rich tapestry of Chinese culture, specifically highlighting the Three Kingdoms era. This period, known for its complex narratives of power, intrigue, and warfare, provides the historical backdrop for the game. Players are drawn into the lives of prominent and lesser-known figures of the era, engaging with characters and plots that highlight ancient China's cultural and historical intricacies.

The game not only recreates the iconic elements of the Three Kingdoms, such as the clothing from the Wei and Jin Dynasties and the currency used during the late Eastern Han Dynasty, but it also encourages players to explore these aspects in depth. This exploration has sparked a global conversation among players on social media about the history and culture of China. Many have even taken steps to learn the Chinese language to enhance their understanding and enjoyment of the game.

By offering a blend of historical facts and creative interpretation, "Ashes of the Kingdom" creates a space for imagination and deeper engagement with Chinese cultural heritage, making it a unique and educational experience for its players.

Findings from Player Engagement with "Ashes of the Kingdom"
Qookka Games is pleased to report significant engagement and positive feedback from players of "Ashes of the Kingdom," particularly highlighting its educational impact and cultural enrichment. Players from around the globe, including Singapore and Japan, have actively participated in discussions about the game's characters and their historical contexts, using various platforms to share their insights.

Japanese users' game reviews on X
Japanese users' game reviews on X


The findings indicate that players are not only engaging with the characters' archetypes within the game but are also seeking to understand their historical accuracy by comparing them to real historical figures. This has even extended to personal visits to local museums, demonstrating a proactive approach to learning more about the historical background presented in the game.

Additionally, specific characters such as 'Sun Ce' have resonated strongly with our users, inspiring them to delve deeper into the history of the Three Kingdoms. For example, one user from Japan has shared their journey of becoming so influenced by the character 'Sun Ce' that they have engaged deeply with 'kengeki-sangokushi' performances, a popular interpretation of the Three Kingdoms period in Japanese culture.

"Ashes of the Kingdom" has successfully made the historical and cultural richness of the Three Kingdoms era accessible to a global audience, sparking a renewed interest and appreciation for Chinese traditional culture. This engagement not only underscores the game's entertainment value but also its role as a cultural bridge, introducing players to the depth and charm of Chinese history.

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30 May 2024

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