Multiple Factors Made Macau Achieve the Most Satisfactory Destination for Chinese Mainland Travelers in Q1 2024

MACAU SAR - EQS Newswire - 31 May 2024 - Recently, Macau was honored the most satisfactory destination for Chinese Mainland travelers in the first quarter of 2024. This prestigious recognition could not have been achieved without the combined effects of many factors.

Multiple Factors Made Macau Achieve the Most Satisfactory Destination for Chinese Mainland Travelers in Q1 2024

From the government perspective, the wise decision-making of the Macau SAR government played a primary role. Over the years, it has actively promoted the development and planning of the tourism industry, continuously increasing investment in tourism infrastructure, and meticulously creating a series of distinctive tourism projects and cultural events, providing travelers with a rich and colorful experience. At the same time, it has also been highly forward-looking in policy-making, laying a solid foundation for the sustained prosperity of Macau's tourism market.

Additionally, it must be mentioned that Macau's digital capabilities have been gradually improving. Tourism industry professionals in Macau have expressed that this achievement is the result of the joint efforts of the Macau SAR government and all sectors of society. Chinese Mainland tourists have given a positive evaluation of Macau's tourism, which is inseparable from the convenient and friendly mobile payment and the fine experience of the widespread digitalization of local industries.

Data from the Macau Government's Statistics and Census Service show that in the first quarter of 2024, Macau's economy achieved a substantial growth of 25.7%, with the number of inbound tourists growing by 79.4% year-on-year to 8.8 million, recovering to 85.7% of the same period in 2019, and the number of visitors to Macau in 2024 for the whole year is expected to reach 33 million. In 2023, the total number of inbound tourists exceeded 28 million, an increase of 3.9 times year-on-year. Among them, mainland tourists reached 19 million, accounting for 67.5% of Macau's total annual inbound tourists, an increase of 2.7 times year-on-year.

Industry insiders in Macau have said that the Macau SAR government is actively accelerating the "1+4" industrial layout work, Macau's local digital capabilities are improving year by year, and a number of local fintech companies are actively responding to the call to continuously optimize electronic payment services, improve the coverage and application scenarios of aggregate payment merchants, and lead mobile payments with technological innovation to help Macau enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, improve service quality and efficiency, and create a smart city for life, consumption, and travel.

Treating guests with sincerity, travelers can perceive it. Chinese Mainland visitors to Macau have said that during the travel process, they have experienced the unique integration and in-depth development of Chinese and Western cultures in Macau. Mobile payment platforms such as Macau Pass' MPay provide great convenience for tourists in dining, shopping, consumption, ticketing, entertainment, travel, and tourism service information.

No doubt, technology is giving Macau's cultural tourism consumption a new charm, and the continuously developing digital cultural consumption new scenes of "Gourmet City," "Entertainment Capital" and "Sports City" are the "Golden Business Cards" in which tourists feel the active and attentive efforts of the Macau SAR government and local Macau enterprises.

Conclusively, under the strong guidance of the Macau SAR government's decision-making, the blessing of digital capabilities, and the high regard for the convenience of tourists, Macau has successfully shaped an excellent tourism image, thus becoming a well-deserved top tourism destination. In the future, we have reason to believe that Macau will continue to create brilliance, and bring more surprises and beauty to tourists around the world.


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31 May 2024


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