MEET48 Unveils a New Era of Entertainment with the Launch of the Web5 (Web2 + Web3) Product Matrix

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach Newswire - 21 June 2024 - As a social metaverse platform at the intersection of AI and Web 3.0 in the entertainment sector, MEET48 leverages its extensive experience in the idol entertainment and fan economy industries, combined with cutting-edge Web 3.0 and AI technologies, to launch an innovative product suite. This suite includes the MEET48 Metaverse, IdolGPT, SRMBuilder, and PICK48, all aimed at creating a new, graphical, and intelligent entertainment ecosystem. Watch this YouTube video to learn more about MEET48 Metaverse:


MEET48 has introduced the innovative concept of Web5 (Web2 + Web3), encouraging user-generated content (UGC) creation while using blockchain technology to ensure copyright protection and provide token incentives. By integrating AI and MaaS technologies, MEET48 aims to find the optimal path for mainstream Web3 applications. Through the synergistic effect of these four products, MEET48 will offer users a richer entertainment experience and provide new opportunities for the cultivation and development of idols. The platform is poised to give rise to numerous outstanding idols and remarkable creative works.

MEET48 Metaverse: Redefining Interaction Between Idols and Fans

MEET48 is the first to introduce the fan economy from traditional idol development into the Web3 economic model. By using governance tokens for voting, the platform ensures fair, open, and transparent idol ranking elections. Additionally, MEET48 employs a series of economic models with scientific management mechanisms to create a sustainable positively reinforced ecosystem.

MEET48 is expected to transition into a full blown Metaverse within the year, enabling interoperability across PC clients, web platforms, and mobile devices. The MEET48 Metaverse is an intelligent social platform based on Web 3.0 technology and artificial intelligence. It aims to create a unique virtual city designed specifically for virtual idols and AI-Web3.0 entertainment. Users can create, support, and interact with their favorite virtual idols or the virtual avatars of real idols. As a graphical and intelligent social hub, the Metaverse paves the way for practical consumer-end social products, fostering strong user consensus and loyalty.

In MEET48, users can create their own unique virtual avatars and participate in virtual performances, fan interactions, and meet-and-greet events. Users can own land and buildings, experiencing a variety of game scenarios, including music, dance, parties, pet raising, board games, and fishing.

In the world of MEET48, users can transcend reality and time, embarking on a new immersive AI-driven social experience.

IdolGPT: A New AI Tool for Creating Virtual Idols Accessible to Everyone

IdolGPT is an AI generation tool developed by the MEET48 team, based on the multimodal AI-LLM "Paro." It is specifically designed for creating 3D virtual human models, along with their photos, audio, and short videos of singing and dancing.

"Paro" is the world's first multimodal AI-LLM focused on driving virtual characters in the vertical domain of singing, dancing, and facial micro-expression-driven chat. Based on "Paro," IdolGPT uses deep learning techniques to simulate the human creative process, offering users personalized idol creation solutions. Whether in music, dance, or other forms of artistic expression, IdolGPT provides users with an unprecedented creative experience.

IdolGPT will conduct its first overseas testing phase on iOS and Android platforms starting June 25th at 11:00 AM (UTC+8) and is scheduled for official launch later this year. During the testing period, a UGC contest will be held with rewards, offering participants a chance to win $50 USD gift cards. For detailed information on the activities, please follow the official account @IdolGPTOfficialX.

SRMBuildor: The Creative Forge for Building Virtual Realms

SRMBuildor, MEET48's virtual content construction system, is the world's first co-creation MaaS system supported by AI and QLM. Focused on idol entertainment, it enables users to create virtual assets in the metaverse using AI models. Its core functionalities include AI model services to assist in creating virtual characters, music, and dance.

This system not only supports users in freely creating virtual characters, scenes, and props but also provides a rich library of assets and efficient editing tools. Users can create and share their virtual idols for use in games and social activities such as virtual concerts and virtual dance competitions. Known for its advanced technology, user-friendly interface, and rich content, this system offers users an unprecedented virtual entertainment and social experience.

PICK48: An Inclusive Idol Talent Search Platform for Public Participation

PICK48 is a Social-Fi product created by the MEET48 team using blockchain technology. Through fan support and "Calling" interactions, PICK48 seamlessly transitions users from the Web 2.0 to the Web 3.0 world. It offers rich interactive features, allowing users to deeply engage in the selection and nurturing processes of idols. As a Social-Fi platform rooted in fan support culture, users can upgrade assets and earn by supporting their idols through PICK48.

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21 Jun 2024


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25 June 2024

MEET48 Introduces IdolGPT: Initial Testing and UGC Submission

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