Lifebuoy's Sentuhan Sehat Supports Caregivers of Children with Soap Pack Thermometers and Access to Doctor Services

Lifebuoy collaborates with Halodoc and Bandung Health Polytechnic to introduce compact thermometers with complimentary access to doctor consultations as the first line of response when children fall ill.

JAKARTA, INDONESIA - Media OutReach Newswire - 5 April 2024 - Lifebuoy, the world's number one hygiene soap brand, in collaboration with telehealth service Halodoc and the Bandung Health Polytechnic, today unveiled Sentuhan Sehat. This innovative campaign aims to fortify parents and caregivers across Indonesia with tools for pre-emptive health management, marking a significant stride in accessible healthcare. At the heart of this initiative are groundbreaking, reusable thermometers and seamless access to Halodoc's teleconsultation services, offering a vital lifeline for early detection of fever symptoms tied to common, yet preventable, ailments like diarrhoea.

Lifebuoy’s Sentuhan Sehat soap packs with reusable thermometer
Lifebuoy’s Sentuhan Sehat soap packs with reusable thermometer

Sentuhan Sehat sees Lifebuoy reaching communities in Bandung, West Java, to distribute more than 2,000 specially designed soap packs, impacting 6,000 Indonesians and counting, for use by parents for children and families at home. Each soap pack comes integrated with a reusable thermometer and a QR code affixed to its packaging. This code serves as a key to unlock complimentary health consultations with Halodoc's reputable medical professionals, effectively placing invaluable healthcare advice within arm's reach.

More than 2,000 Lifebuoy Sentuhan Sehat soap packs have been distributed to families in Bandung, Indonesia
More than 2,000 Lifebuoy Sentuhan Sehat soap packs have been distributed to families in Bandung, Indonesia

Indonesians are more prone to diarrhoea during the monsoon season, especially or children. Indonesia's 2020 Health Profile[1] data shows that diarrhoea is the second leading cause of death in infants aged 29 days - 11 months at 9.8% and in the group of toddlers aged 12-59 months, amounting to 4.5% of total deaths. A common symptom of diarrhoea is fever, which usually spikes as children become more ill. In West Java only, the area has recorded thousands of diarrhoea cases in the last year.

In collaboration with Bandung Health Polytechnic as a distribution partner, Lifebuoy introduces a reusable thermometer to families across various locations in West Java such as Cibiru, Sukajadi, Kiaracondong, Batununggal, Kasomalang, and Cibeunying, where fever related to diarrhoea is prevalent and early medical interventions are essential.

Erfan Hidayat, as the Head of Skin Cleansing at Unilever Indonesia said, "Sentuhan Sehat is fully aligned with Lifebuoy's commitment to protect the health of Indonesian families. Through the collaboration between Lifebuoy, Halodoc, and Bandung Health Polytechnic as distribution partners, we aim to educate parents to be more attentive to the health of their children and families and not hesitate to consult with doctors. The convenience of telehealth services is believed to address the high anxiety of parents regarding their children's health, which ultimately leads to self-medication behaviors. Hopefully, this collaboration can make people realize that disease prevention is just as important as treatment and open access for more people to obtain accurate health information and care."

Veronica Utami, as the Chief Operating Officer of Halodoc, stated, "Through the provision of free doctor consultation services on Halodoc, we hope that parents will become more proactive when their children experience fever as it serves as an early symptom of various diseases such as dengue fever or other infections. We welcome the positive collaboration with Lifebuoy, which has been running very well so far. At Halodoc, we actively introduce various initiatives that educate the public on maintaining health and support Indonesian families when experiencing fever, such as providing Home Lab services for fever checks and Dengue Fever vaccinations."

Yonan Heriyanto, M. Kes., Head of the Dental Health Department at the Bandung Health Polytechnic added, "We want to emphasize the importance of reaching out to parents who have limited access to healthcare services and sharing knowledge about good hygiene principles—including ways to keep babies and young children safe from preventable diseases. It is hoped that this will help them avoid the risk of worsening conditions."

Sentuhan Sehat reflects Lifebuoy's support toward the collective effort to achieve the vision of ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all ages in Indonesia. Lifebuoy aims to support the government's programs in reducing mortality due to diarrhoea under the age of five, as stated by the Ministry of Health in the National Action Plan for 2023–2030.

From 2022 to early 2024, Lifebuoy's free health consultation service in collaboration with Halodoc has offered about 185,000 consultations to Indonesian families. Lifebuoy is always committed to making an even bigger impact in the years to come by developing better handwashing habits, improving hygiene, protecting against preventable diseases, and helping to prevent children get sick less often.

"We hope Sentuhan Sehat can empower parents and caregivers to protect their children from preventable diseases such as diarrhea and create healthier futures for Indonesian children," concluded Erfan.


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About Lifebuoy
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05 Apr 2024

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