Kardome Partners with Knowles to Live Demo its Voice Recognition Technology at CES 2022

Kardome will present its game-changing voice recognition technology in collaboration with Knowles, a pioneer in high-performance audio solutions

Las Vegas, Nevada - Newsfile Corp. - December 16, 2021 - Kardome, a leader in voice technology, is partnering with Knowles to give a special live demonstration of its voice user interface (VUI) using Knowles' AECQ10 qualified mics. The presentation will be at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), The Venetian, Toscana Suite 3806, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jan. 5 - 8.


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Kardome partners with Knowles to present its voice technology at CES 2022.


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Attendees will experience how Kardome's innovative voice AI technology can differentiate between multiple people speaking simultaneously and understand their respective voice commands-in any environment.


The demonstration replicates people talking simultaneously in an auto-cabin. An example of this can be viewed here http://bit.ly/KardomeAuto.


Kardome-enabled devices understand who is talking and what they're saying, even in the most challenging acoustic environments. Its unparalleled voice technology gives users privacy, immediacy, and independence from network and cloud providers. This seamless voice experience is only possible with spatial listening implemented using Kardome's edge-based voice technology.


"We're excited to partner with Knowles to show how Kardome makes speech recognition better in any kind of smart device," said Kardome CEO Dani Cherkassky.


About Kardome


Kardome is the premier provider of VUI technology for flawless speech and voice recognition in any environment, quiet or chaotic. Its patented technology enables consumer electronics, automotive, and enterprise hardware developers to create next-generation voice experiences for consumers.


To arrange press interviews and experience Kardome at CES, contact laura.tate@kardome.com


For more information on Kardome, visit Kardome.com


Contact: Laura Tate
Kardome VP Marketing

About Kardome Technology
About Kardome Technology

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17 Dec 2021



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