Kardome Expands Voice Technology Offerings

The voice technology company adds Voice Biometrics and Wake Word detection to its portfolio of speech recognition enhancement technologies

Tel Aviv, Israel - Newsfile Corp. - August 17, 2022 - Kardome, a leading provider of speech recognition enhancement solutions for ASR systems, today announced the expansion of its offerings with Wake Word and Voice Biometrics technologies.

The company's latest offerings will expand its speech recognition enhancement product portfolio to provide developers, OEMs, and manufacturers with improved ASR performance by utilizing these technologies.

Kardome's 3D Audio Front End software uses location-based, source separation, and noise reduction algorithms that vastly improves ASR system performance. Adding Kardome Wake and Voice ID further personalizes a secure voice recognition customer experience.

"Our goal is to help developers and manufacturers of voice-controlled devices to create ASR systems that are accurate, fast, and secure," Kardome CEO Dani Cherkassky said. "We're excited to add Kardome Wake and Voice ID, which will bring us one step closer to human-level speech recognition in machines."

With the rising demand for voice biometrics, Kardome has been improving its Wake Word and Voice Biometrics technologies to help developers create better ASR systems that can quickly identify users and detect wake words.

Adding Kardome Wake and Kardome Voice ID is an exciting development for those who develop voice-controlled devices and platforms, as it will allow them to provide better services than ever before.

Learn more about Kardome Wake here: https://bit.ly/KardomeWakeWord
Learn more about Kardome Voice ID here: https://bit.ly/KardomeVoiceID
Watch how Kardome Voice ID works: https://vimeo.com/735673301

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About Kardome Technology
About Kardome Technology
is the premier provider of for flawless speech and voice recognition in any environment, quiet or chaotic. Its patented technology enables consumer electronics, automotive, and enterprise hardware developers to create next-generation voice experiences for consumers.

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19 Aug 2022



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