Otellon'Ice - Lambrusco, Italian Red Wine, On The Rocks

The pleasure of a chilled red wine with ice, a unique opportunity to share the CECI 1938 lifestyle #LAMBRUSCOTASTEOFITALY #LAMBRUSCOCECIPEOPLE

TORRILE, ITALY - EQS Newswire - 25 March 2021 - The creative forces behind CECI 1938 present a special version of the famous Lambrusco, OTELLON'ICE. Lambrusco, a wine that is hugely popular in Japan, is a nectar that best expresses itself at the best at low temperatures. With Otellon'Ice, the Italian winery is going one step further, adding a brilliant twist by creating a Lambrusco that's best served on ice.


In CECI 1938, the Italian "dolce vita" culture finds an exceptional representative abroad. The inventiveness of CECI 1938 wineries transcends boundaries, combining the wine's unique characteristics with spectacular bottles.

The OTELLO collection's distinctive bottle, the first to have a square base, is dressed in a sparkling gold colour and features a metallic effect that is as unusual as it is spectacular. A jewel of a bottle, an object of design whose metallic colour highlights its understated shape.


With the hashtags #LambruscoTasteOfItaly and #LambruscoCeciPeople CECI 1938 invites wine enthusiasts and the curious to share their affinity with this lifestyle and join the global community.


An expression of the contemporary lifestyle, with CECI 1938 Lambrusco becomes the manifesto for a young, carefree way of life, a true ode to the conviviality and joy that this wine expresses through the charm of its ultra-chilled red bubbles.


"Lambrusco is our calling card in Italy and abroad; for us it is an iconic product that we continue to craft with great attention to every detail. OTELLON'ICE expresses one of the many facets of this delicious wine. OTELLON'ICE takes the concept of chilled Lambrusco to the extreme by presenting it with ice. We have been exporting our wines to Japan for around 15 years including, since 2012,


OTELLON'ICE in partnership with the Japan Salt Corporation. With OTELLON'ICE Lambrusco, we are taking the most authentic and cool Italian products to the world", says Maria Teresa Ceci, CEO of Ceci 1938.


"The convivial spirit of Lambrusco has evolved through our innovation that is expressed by OTELLON'ICE; we're constantly conducting research in order to improve our products, making them the expression of contemporary taste while respecting authenticity", adds Maria Paola Ceci, President of CECI 1938.


For a summer aperitif in pure Italian style, OTELLON'ICE enchants with its bouquet of ripe cherries and fruits of the forest with hints of violet. Its intense ruby-red colour presents a fine, persistent sparkle.


The Lambrusco's lively personality is echoed in its dazzlingly reflective square-based bottle design. The label mirrors this style, with minimalist graphics echoing the gold colour of the bottle and creating a play on words by highlighting the word "ON", because this Lambrusco switches "ON" the imagination and is served "ON" the rocks.


Images available at this link: https://we.tl/t-RbJt0QCgsF





Appellation: Lambrusco Emilia I.G.T.

Category: demi-sec sparkling red wine

Grape variety: Lambrusco

Harvest: mid-late september

Soil: clayey-sandy

Process: red vinification

Winemaking: Charmat method

Alcohol level: 10.5% vol.

Residual sugar: 35 g/l

Total acidity: 7 g/l

Serving temperature: 3/5°C

Sizes available: 0.75 l

Code: N-17


— The data are intended as standard of product



Appearance: Intense ruby red colour with a fine and persistent perlage.

Nose: The fruity mark of ripe cherry and wild berries, combined with the elegant floral notes of violet, give depth and intensit y to a finish that you remember.

Palate: The soft and deep on the palate leaves room for a precise and elegant tannic texture. Full of freshness and delightful flavour are well integrated with notes of ripe red fruit and slight hints of citrus. Intriguing finish that invites you to drink.

Suggested pairings: Perfect with traditional Italian aperitifs, from cured meats to medium-flavoured cheeses. Its elegant sweetness, its fair freshness and the low serving temperature recommend to be paired with an all-course meal with delicate flavoured and structured dishes. Surprisingly icy as the protagonist of cocktails.


CECI 1938
CECI 1938

Cantine CECI 1938, an international winery for over 80 years, brings the passion of Italian tradition to the world, together with a forward-looking vision and a relentless desire for innovation. CECI 1938 produces one of the world's best-loved Lambrusco wines – the famous red bubbles – a wine that the company has transformed over time into a unique nectar, setting new standards of recognisability. It's a smooth wine, an ode to conviviality that lends itself beautifully to pairing; a true icon of the winery's modernity. Online, the company tells its story through the www.lambrusco.it website, a domain registered with pride and foresight in the early 1990s.


CECI's Lambrusco wines include the OTELLO CECI Lambrusco and TERRE VERDIANE Lambrusco.


Design plays an essential role in CECI 1938's style, fuelling its research into the shapes and colours used to create the unusual bottles and labels, truly stylish creations with a touch of cool.


The Ceci winery, established in 1938 by Otello Ceci, experienced an initial period of growth in the 1960s under Otello's sons Bruno and Giovanni, who made their mark on the company for the next twenty years.

Today the grandchildren of Otello, Alessandro, Maria Paola and Maria Teresa, and the great-grandchildren Elisa and Chiara, continue the family's story with their bold, distinctive choices, challenging the market by bringing inspirations and influences from other sectors such as fashion, design and art to traditional winemaking.

The aim is to stand out, offering an unconventional approach to one of the most traditional Italian industries, in order to speak to young people in a contemporary language.


CECI 1938 products are distributed to 38 countries.




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25 Mar 2021



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