Village House Japan and Aichi Prefecture Officials Agree on New Disaster Relief Shelters Locations in the Tokai Region

TOKYO, JAPAN - Media OutReach - 20 June 2023 - On 25 May 2022, Village House Management Co., Ltd.signed an agreement with the local official of Tsushima City to designate two of its properties in the Tokai region as temporary disaster relief shelters. This arrangement sets a precedent for the private sector, as Village House is now trailblazing a path for other companies to step up and aid in disaster preparedness.


Signing On to Better Things

In a signing ceremony held in the Tsushima city hall, its mayor, Kazuaki Hibi, and Village House Tokai branch manager Hironori Koba, designated the Tsushima City's Terano-Cho and Atago-Cho properties as temporary shelters for disaster relief. This signing was a landmark occasion for the property and residence management company. It was the first time Village House Tokai properties made arrangements with the local government for disaster relief shelters. "We are very grateful for the conclusion of this agreement as we aim to create a city that protects the safety of citizens and promotes disaster prevention and mitigation measures that leave no one behind," commented mayor Hibi on the conclusion of the agreement.

A Dedication to Disaster Relief Preparedness

Geographically, Japan is a region exposed to tectonic movements in the earth's crust, making it earthquake-prone. As a residence for people of various nationalities, Village House was motivated to integrate and equip its residents with all the resources to navigate daily life in Japan, especially in disaster relief preparedness.

As such, this agreement to designate new temporary relief shelters highlights and underscores the commitment of Village House and the local officials to prioritise the safety and well-being of the many communities living in Japan. Through this, Village House hopes to become a sturdy pillar for the communities it hosts and inspire more from the private sector to step up disaster relief preparedness and aid.

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About Village House
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20 Jun 2023

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