The ‘haram or halal’ question of Forex in Malaysia: inspecting OctaFX broker

Learn whether Forex trading with OctaFX is haram or halal in this article.

KUALA LUMPUR, MALASIA - Media OutReach - 4 August 2023 - In recent years, Forex trading has gained popularity worldwide as a potentially lucrative investment opportunity. However, for Muslim investors in Malaysia, there remains a significant question: is Forex trading halal or haram according to Islamic principles? This article aims to shed light on the topic and provide an answer whether it is halal to trade with perhaps the most well-known broker in Malayisa, OctaFX.

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Defining Forex

Forex market is a global financial market for exchanging foreign currencies. Currency rates change all the time, and that allows Forex investors to profit from price differences between currency pairs.


A Forex broker, such as OctaFX, is an intermediary who sends Forex trades to the wider international market, which allows traders to profit in minutes. The broker, in turn, profits from spread—a small share of the difference between the price at which traders buy and sell currencies.

The 'haram or halal' question of Forex trading

Islamic finance is governed by Shariah law, which sets forth specific principles regarding financial transactions to ensure ethical and moral conduct. Two key principles related to Forex trading are:

  • Prohibition of riba (usury): Islamic finance strictly prohibits any form of interest, such as charging or promising a fixed rate of return, as it is considered exploitative and unjust. While it is generally agreed by Muslims that riba is prohibited, there is much debate as to what exactly constitutes riba. Commissions and swaps charged by many Forex brokers are often included in the category of riba as they imply charging interest.
  • Prohibition of gharar (uncertainty): Islamic finance discourages engaging in contracts with excessive uncertainty, as it may lead to deceit and unfairness. This principle primarily refers to the forward, futures, and option contracts with a high degree of ambiguity and—in case of futures and forwards—with the act of sale or purchase set for a future date.
Some scholars argue that Forex spot trading, where currencies are exchanged in real time, is permissible under Islamic law. In this scenario, the exchange of currencies is considered equal, and no interest is involved. Moreover, Forex trading serves a legitimate economic purpose, as it enables individuals and businesses to hedge against currency risks and engage in international trade. In certain cases, brokers may charge a small fee called spread for facilitating trades. As long as this fee is minimal and reasonable, some scholars consider it acceptable under Islamic principles.

Sometimes the categorical prohibition of maysir (gambling) is invoked when discussing Forex in terms of Islamic finance. However, Forex trading has absolutely nothing to do with gambling. In foreign exchange, price movements depend on many factors, including important economic and geopolitical events, as well as financial indicators. The work of an investor is to carefully evaluate all those factors using fundamental and technical analyses and make a considered financial decision.

Halal trading with OctaFX in Malaysia

Trading with OctaFX in Malaysia is halal as the broker has Islamic accounts that have no commissions or swaps whatsoever, which means that there are no interest rates either paid or accumulated in those accounts. OctaFX does not offer option, forward, or futures trading, so the principle of Islamic finance that prohibits gharar is not broken.

OctaFX as a trusted broker in Malaysia

Yes, OctaFX is trusted in Malaysia as a well-established international Forex broker with over 12 years of experience in providing trading services in over 180 countries worldwide. In Malaysia, it received the 'Best Forex Broker Malaysia 2022' award from Global Banking and Finance Review. Moreover, the broker won the 'Best Global Broker Asia 2022' award from International Business Magazine.

Additionally, OctaFX strictly follows advanced security measures, encompassing segregated accounts and negative balance protection, to ensure full compliance with global standards. To further bolster safety, the brokerage insists on identical payment details for both deposits and withdrawals. This approach effectively prevents any unauthorised attempts by third parties to withdraw funds, even if they manage to gain access to a user's account. Additionally, OctaFX employs cutting-edge 3D secure technology for processing credit and debit card transactions, providing an added layer of transparency and safeguarding for all Visa transactions.

The owner of OctaFX

It is not known who the owner of OctaFX is. The company makes its main emphasis on developing the brand, as opposed to companies largely evolving around their CEOs.

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