BEST Express Malaysia is committed to support SMEs in East Coast

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - Media OutReach - 24 August 2023 - BEST Express Malaysia, a prominent player in the logistics industry, has announced its strong commitment to support the growth and development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in East Coast Malaysia. The states encompassed in the East Coast, including Kelantan, Terengganu, and Pahang, are not just renowned for their natural beauty and unique culture but are also increasingly embracing e-commerce as a primary avenue for shopping.

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The exponential growth of e-commerce in Malaysia has unveiled new opportunities for local entrepreneurs, especially SMEs, to leverage online platforms in expanding their market presence. BEST Express Malaysia, renowned for its logistics and innovation expertise, aims to be a key driver of business growth in this digital era. By harnessing innovative platforms, the company seeks to empower businesses, particularly SMEs, to tap into the potential of e-commerce and reach more customers.

"We recognize the economic potential of the local businesses in East Coast, and we are committed to connect SMEs with the opportunities presented by digital transformation. The collaboration between our advanced logistics infrastructure and innovative technological solutions will be a milestone in advancing businesses in this East Coast region," said Jessy Sun, General Manager of BEST Inc Malaysia and Singapore.

"This initiative will not only benefits SMEs in East Coast but will also have a positive impact on the overall economic growth. By enabling broader access to the digital market, SMEs will have the opportunity to increase sales and reach more customers," Jessy Sun continued.

Puan Norizah, the owner of Batik Desa Paloh from Kuala Terengganu, who run her own batik brand,provides wholesale and retail services, both online and offline. I've been in this business for over 10 years. We diversify our techniques, including batik canting, blogging, and tie & dye, among others. My business has gradually shifted towards online sales, particularly for blouses and scarves, through social media.

She chose the services of BEST Express Malaysia in Kuala Terengganu, as online businesses require efficient delivery services, and BEST Express fulfils my needs.

Puan Norizah, the visionary owner of Batik Desa Paloh in Kuala Terengganu, has skillfully cultivated her own distinctive batik brand over the past decade.

Through a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, her enterprise offers a captivating array of techniques, including the intricate artistry of batik canting, the vibrant allure of tie & dye, and the insightful storytelling of her blogging endeavors.

With an astute awareness of evolving market trends, Puan Norizah has adeptly steered her business towards a predominant online presence, focusing notably on the sale of blouses and scarves through various social media platforms.

To ensure swift and reliable delivery services crucial to online enterprises, she has judiciously partnered with BEST Express Malaysia in Kuala Terengganu. This strategic collaboration underscores her unwavering dedication to not only preserving the heritage of batik but also delivering a seamless and satisfying customer experience.

Encik Mohd Johan Ngiew Ah Sui @ Hassan, the enterprising force behind Josi Donut n Café in Kuala Lipis. His journey began modestly in 2014, selling donuts from home, and has since flourished into a bustling café that has become a local favourite. Starting with occasional festive cookies, the café now boasts an impressive line-up of over 30 cookie varieties available year-round, a true testament to Encik Mohd Johan's dedication to his customers' cravings.

As the cookies' popularity grew, so did the need for reliable delivery services. Recognizing the importance of post-purchase satisfaction, Encik Mohd Johan partnered with BEST Express Kuala Lipis, a delivery service known for its strong customer support. This partnership aligns seamlessly with his commitment to providing not just delicious treats but also a delightful overall experience for his customers.

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