The "Asian Games Letterbox" Malaysia Stop Concludes with Resounding Success, with Great Anticipation from the Local Populace for the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - Media OutReach - 23 September 2023 - To better propagate the spirit of the Asian Games and foster greater understanding among the Asian people of both the Games and China, the "Asian Games Letterbox" is an initiative under the esteemed guidance of the Publicity Department of the CPC Hangzhou Municipal Committee and the Information Office of the Zhejiang Provincial Government; Phoenix Satellite Television and invite local people across multiple nations and regions in Asia to handwrite messages of goodwill for the Asian Games.

"Following this prolonged wait, I firmly believe that the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 and the city of Hangzhou itself will assuredly bestow upon the entire Asian continent a delightful surprise," one Chinese expatriate who has been engaged in business in Malaysia for several decades remarked to reporters during their participation in the "Asian Games Letterbox" event.

On September 16, 2023, just one week before the commencement of the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022, the "Asian Games Letterbox" initiative arrived at its third destination, Malaysia. Early that day, the "Asian Games Letterbox" stationed at renowned landmarks such as the Petronas Twin Towers, Merdeka Square, Central Market, The Starhill, and Pavilion KL in Kuala Lumpur, were officially inaugurated in Malaysia. As soon as this event was launched, it rapidly disseminated within the local Malaysian Chinese social circles and across social media platforms, garnering enthusiastic participation from many overseas compatriots and local residents in Malaysia.

During an interview with the "Global Insights", a Malaysian citizen expressed, "Through the city brochures of Hangzhou, I have gained a deeper understanding of this enchanting city. I hope to have the opportunity to personally visit Hangzhou in the future to experience the allure of this beautiful city. I also wish that, amidst their athletic pursuits, the athletes could visit Hangzhou, feeling the warmth and hospitality of the Chinese people."

The Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 has seen over 12,500 athletes register for participation, marking the largest-scale Asian Games in history and a monumental sporting extravaganza across the entire Asian continent. Malaysia's delegation boasts traditional strengths in sports such as badminton and squash, and in this Asian Games Hangzhou 2022, they are setting their sights on gold medals in these disciplines.

A local resident in Malaysia said, "In the past, we had top-tier badminton athletes like Lee Chong Wei, and even though he has retired, I still have faith that our badminton players can achieve outstanding results in this Asian Games Hangzhou 2022; I am well aware of China's prowess in badminton as well, and I hope that both nations can engage in a head-to-head competition on the field, delivering a splendid match for spectators."

On the day of the event, thousands of local residents from Malaysia participated in the activity. They inscribe their most heartfelt wishes for the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 in both Chinese and English upon postcards and cast them into the "Asian Games Letterboxes". This event will further extend its reach to locations such as Japan and Macau, China. Among the participants, fortunate individuals will have a chance to win tickets to the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022.

The Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 serves not only as the pinnacle stage for athletic competition in Asia but also as an important platform for diplomatic, cultural, and economic exchanges. Outstanding athletes from various Asian countries and regions will contribute to a splendid display of sporting excellence. Moreover, the gathering of countries in Hangzhou will create a beautiful scene of unity and friendship, shaping a stable global order.

Athletes from various countries, traveling from afar, arrive in Hangzhou not only with a resolute determination to excel but also with a mission of fostering friendly exchanges. The spectators from different places worldwide will shower these athletes with the most heartfelt applause.

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23 Sep 2023


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