ZF Aftermarket Champions Tailored Southeast Asia Solutions at the Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo (MCVE) 2024.

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - Media OutReach Newswire - 10 May 2024 - ZF Aftermarket, renowned for its comprehensive systems solutions, unveiled a series of innovation poised to raise the benchmark for the commercial vehicle industry. With its strong legacy in e-mobility and digitalization, ZF Aftermarket launched a much-anticipated suite of products, meticulously developed to meet the stringent requirements of commercial vehicles.

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"Our latest suite of products underscores our proactive approach towards the evolving demands of the commercial vehicle industry. We have harnessed our global expertise to engineer solutions that are uniquely tailored to meet the Southeast Asia market's specific climatic and operational challenges. This initiative marks our range as not only responsive to current industry demands but a step ahead, anticipating and shaping the trajectory of future mobility," said Chee How Teoh, Head of Aftermarket Asia Pacific at ZF Aftermarket.

SACHS, Innovative Clutch Systems
Integrating German precision with local market insights, the latest clutch systems raise the bar for operational efficiency with extended replacement intervals reaching 700,000km, reflecting ZF Aftermarket's commitment to enhanced efficiency, precision, and lasting performance.

SACHS, Advanced Shock Absorbers
A further leap was made in vehicular stability and safety with the new shock absorbers, which not only improve tire lifespan but also reduce tire wear caused by shock absorber degrading. By reducing braking distances and tire wear, they not only bolster driver safety but underscore ZF Aftermarket's dedication to solutions that improve not just vehicle performance, but also contribute to cost-effectiveness.

High-Performing Transmission Fluids
ZF Aftermarket completed its trio of innovations by introducing high-performing Non ZF - transmission fluids specifically tailored for all types of commercial vehicles, including both mechanical and automatic transmissions. This product is a result of extensive research to enhance performance and longevity, specifically within the demanding SOUTHEAST ASIA climate and road conditions.

"Our innovations attest to ZF Aftermarket's leadership in technology and strategic foresight. They empower our customers to lead their markets with commercial vehicles that boast reliability, efficiency and a design tailored to the SOUTHEAST ASIA region's demanding climate and terrain," said Aleksander Rabinovitch, Head of Business Line Commercial Vehicles at ZF Aftermarket.

As the region's commercial transport sector flourishes, ZF Aftermarket showcased its comprehensive commitment to increasing uptime, reliability, and efficiency – critical aspects for public transport operators, logistics companies, and fleet owners. As such, its products are designed to deliver performance while minimising maintenance and downtime, crucial for the SOUTHEAST ASIA region's burgeoning commercial transportation sector.

Further underlining its global expertise with a local touch, ZF Aftermarket showcased its ZF [pro] Service workshop concept, a service programme designed for commercial vehicles that integrates three key concepts into a single, cohesive service solution. This programme offers a full spectrum of advantages to partners, including technical training, special tooling conditions, and marketing support. For further details on ZF Aftermarket's innovative solutions, please visit aftermarket.zf.com.

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10 May 2024

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