BingX lists Delysium (AGI) with New Listing Events with prize pool of over $30,000 USDT

BingX, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has announced that it will list Delysium (AGI) on its platform.

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 14 April 2023 - To celebrate the listing of AGI/USDT , BingX is running events that will allow users to share a prize pool worth over $30,000.


The listing of $AGI paves the way for the creation of a virtual universe, inhabited by 1 billion individuals and 100 billion AI Virtual Beings. These digital entities encompass not only virtual versions of ourselves but also companions and Non-Player Characters (NPCs) that can traverse and exist in various settings, including games, communities, and media platforms. Through engaging in natural language dialogues, users can mold and enhance their AI Virtual Being's personality and abilities, as well as interact with them to grasp the nuances of cryptocurrency, effortlessly trade assets, discover rewarding prospects, and remain at the forefront of potential risks.

To celebrate the listing of Delysium, BingX will be running a series of events. The first event is for users who deposit ≥ 3,000 AGI (about 100 USDT). Users will receive 10% cashback and share a 3,000 USDT prize pool.

The second event is the AGI Trading Competition. During this competition, users who trade AGI on BingX will have a chance to win a share of the $5,000 prize pool.

Reward (USDT)
AGI/USDT Min. Trading Vol.
1,500 USDT
200,000 USDT
800 USDT
100,000 USDT
300 USDT
30,000 USDT
4 to 10
100 USDT/person
10,000 USDT
11 to 50
Users can win up to 100 USDT from the prize pool of 1,700 USDT in proportion to their trading volume. E.g. Assuming User A is the top 11-50. User A rewards = (User A Trading Volume)/(Total Combined Trading Volume of the Top 11-50 Users).
2,000 USDT
BingX users can trade AGI/USDT on the desktop and mobile platform.

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About BingX
About BingX
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14 Apr 2023



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