Aurora Media Holdings Announces Global Media Fund In Singapore, Focused On Accelerating Growth In The Entertainment Space

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 29 August 2016 - Aurora Media Holdings, one of Southeast Asia's leading media and entertainment asset incubation, investment and management vehicles has announced the formation of Aurora Media Capital, a specialty financing unit headquartered in Singapore to accelerate growth and exploitation of media and entertainment infrastructures through strategic capital deployment.


Aurora Media Holdings, which has successfully innovated investment structures on international projects and entities, will operate through its new arm to streamline its investment, acquisition, and exit processes in Singapore. Aurora Media Capital provides financing solutions to content producers through equity involvement, bridge loans, and tailoring specific financing and consulting packages for projects and companies. Through a superior insight into international content distribution and production, Aurora Media Capital forms the leading media financing team in Southeast Asia.


Investing in film, broadcast content, new media technologies and infrastructures in the wider regional and international market, this new initiative enables the formation of new investment capital by providing investors an opportunity to access a portfolio of projects. The company safeguards investors' interests by embracing risk management and due diligence frameworks consistent with best practices in the financial services industry.


"We're excited to announce the formation of Aurora Media Capital - enhancing our ability to create, develop, manage different asset classes in the media and entertainment space", said Justin Deimen, Group Managing Partner & Head, Investments of Aurora Media Holdings. "We have led and witnessed effective media financing success here in Southeast Asia, and look forward to growing the programme further by providing support to both international projects and regional content creators via our ecumenical and cross-cultural platform that aims to consolidate and institutionalize investment into robust media and entertainment properties."


Aurora Media Holdings focuses on investment-grade, export quality media assets and has participated in numerous major film deals like the faith-based film '100 Yards'. Co-produced with Singapore, US, and the Philippines, the film is co-directed by the fast-rising Dale Fabrigar whose last film won the Palm Beach International Film Festival and stars one of Singapore's most popular actresses, Rebecca Lim.


Mr Justin Deimen is joined by Terence Kong, Group Managing Partner & Head, Lifestyle Concepts, and Jeremy Sim, Group Managing Partner & Head, Special Projects, as co-founders of Aurora Media Capital.


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02 Sep 2016


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