Superstar Teacher Celebrates Students’ Achievements with Revamped Online Feature

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 14 July 2021 - Superstar Teacher has revamped their "Achievements" feature to make learning an enjoyable experience for students and celebrate their academic achievements. Students can now complete daily challenges to earn star points throughout their online learning journey on the platform, which can be exchanged for rewards. These include stationery, games and electronic gadgets. Students may also use their stars to give back to society through charitable donations.

As an industry leader for online learning in Singapore, Superstar Teacher's learning platform makes use of quality strategy-based teaching and innovative features to make learning fun and interesting for primary and secondary-level students.


How Does the Rewards System Work?

Superstar Teacher's "Achievements" feature comprises two categories: Lesson and Assessment. Every day, a student can complete daily challenges that include viewing at least 30 minutes of lessons and unlocking difficulty levels as they complete their assessments.


The auto-marking assessments are designed with 3 difficulty levels - "Explorer", "Conqueror" and "Achiever". A student can earn a star upon the successful completion of one daily challenge in either category.

Every stage unlocked can earn a student up to 20 stars. There are 15 stages in total for both categories, which will get progressively difficult as a student advances through the challenges. This will be reflected in the number of stars earned in bonus stages - 100 stars in Stages 5, 10 and 15 each.


Attractive Rewards To Encourage Learning

With the stars* accumulated, Superstar Teacher will offer enticing rewards such as Fujifilm Polaroid Cameras, Rechargeable Wireless Mouse, SecretLab Omega Series chair and many more to recognise students' achievements. Students can simply select the rewards they want, click on "redeem" and enter their delivery details. 

Superstar Teacher meets the needs of students and their parents in making the transition to online learning easier, especially in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic. By going through the lessons at their own pace, students can better concentrate on their studies with their well-deserved rewards delivered straight to their doorstep.

If students choose to donate to charity, they will be making a significant contribution to Superstar Teacher's ongoing partnership in support of the Children's Cancer Foundation. While providing beneficiaries with access to online lessons, Superstar Teacher aims to impart altruistic values to their students with the rewards system.

Star tokens are also up for grabs, which can be used for Superstar Teacher's instant homework help, another unique and interactive feature introduced to the online learning environment.

Combined with the auto-marking assessments to help students gauge their learning, each video lesson is also paired with interactive quizzes and supplementary worksheets to provide the most engaging learning experience possible.

* All stars earned will expire on 31 December

Supporting Students at Every Stage of Their Learning

With online learning, students can study at their own pace, reach out to subject experts when they need help and remain motivated in their learning with the "Achievement" feature. Spanning across all subjects, these accessible tools enable students of various levels to enjoy the learning process and become confident, independent learners.

About Superstar Teacher
About Superstar Teacher

Conceptualized in 2011, Superstar Teacher is committed to creating an excellent learning experience for students through quality strategy-based teaching aligned with Singapore's MOE syllabuses. Our online learning platform is equipped with innovative features and aims at keeping students engaged in the pursuit for academic excellence. For more information, visit us at



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14 Jul 2021


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