BingX Partners with OrdStarter to Boost Credibility and Unlocking Opportunities for BRC20 Projects

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 18 May 2023 - BingX, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange (CEX), has joined forces with OrdStarter to establish a strategic partnership that will drive credibility and unlock new opportunities for BRC20 projects.

BingX, a prominent crypto exchange, has announced its planned partnership with OrdStarter, a comprehensive launchpad and incubator platform for BRC20 projects.

This collaboration will see BingX leverage its industry expertise and expansive network to support OrdStarter in listing upcoming coins and exploring potential staking capabilities. Before the partnership, BingX had since listed BRC20 tokens such as ORDI/USDT, VMPX/USDT & NALS/USDT. By joining forces with BingX, OrdStarter aims to enhance its reputation as a trusted platform for BRC20 projects and attract a wider range of innovative ventures.

OrdStarter's feature-rich platform offers an array of essential tools and functionalities. These include One-Click BRC-20 Token Issuance, ensuring fair distribution, Multi-Layered Contract Security for prioritizing user fund safety, and an Innovative Insurance Mechanism that safeguards investor interests while deterring malicious behavior. Additionallly, OrdStarter provides comprehensive support for BRC20 ecosystem projects, encompassing marketing, community management, technical assistance, and liquidity provision. With seamless integration with the Ordinals protocol, OrdStarter enables cutting-edge on-chain capabilities, while its Full BTC node operation ensures a robust and secure infrastructure. The partnership also bodes well for OrdStarter as it begins its first IDO public sale of $ODSR on 18th May.

The partnership between BingX and OrdStarter will provide BRC20 projects with a valuable avenue for exposure and liquidity through BingX's established trading platform. By receiving support from BingX, OrdStarter will gain enhanced credibility and recognition within the crypto community, instilling confidence in potential projects seeking to launch on the platform.

BingX's steadfast commitment to robust security measures and compliance makes it an ideal partner for OrdStarter. By aligning with a reputable centralized exchange (CEX), OrdStarter strengthens its reputation as a safe and trustworthy launchpad for BRC20 tokens.

The collaboration between BingX and OrdStarter signifies an exciting stride towards fostering innovation and driving growth within the BRC20 ecosystem. This partnership not only solidifies OrdStarter's position as a leading launchpad and incubator, but also unlocks new avenues for BRC20 projects to flourish and succeed.

Together, BingX and OrdStarter are poised to revolutionize the BRC20 landscape, providing an inclusive and secure environment for projects to thrive while enabling investors to partake in the next generation of crypto opportunities.

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About BingX
About BingX
Founded in 2018, BingX is a leading crypto exchange that offers spot, derivatives, copy, and grid trading services to over 100 countries and regions worldwide with over 5 million users. BingX continues to connect users with expert traders and the platform in a safe and innovative way. Additionally, BingX has launched BingX QA , an engine for token trading analysis and investment guidance.





18 May 2023



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