IPPWORLD Launches Revamped Website to Meet Rising Demand in Language Solutions from the Travel and Hospitality Industries

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 22 June 2023 - IPPWORLD, a leading transcreation agency, proudly announces the launch of its newly redesigned website. The comprehensive overhaul reflects the company's commitment to meeting the increasing demands for language solutions from the thriving travel and hospitality sectors.

In the wake of the global post-COVID travel boom and the growing numbers of Asian communities venturing abroad, IPPWORLD's native language transcreation solutions serve as a vital bridge, enabling global brands to seamlessly connect and engage with outbound travellers worldwide.

The revamped website showcases IPPWORLD's expertise in creative translation and content localisation across diverse sectors including hotels, hospitality, travel, tourism, retail and lifestyle.

Among the new additions is the "Success Stories" section, which features compelling case studies highlighting the successful collaborations between IPPWORLD and select clients. By delving into these case studies, visitors gain valuable insights into how IPPWORLD's transcreation, translation, and localisation services are helping clients achieve their global marketing objectives.

The existing "IPPWORLD Insights" blog section has also been expanded to provide a wealth of regularly updated industry news and trends, including developments in multilingual content marketing. It is an invaluable resource of the latest knowledge for global marketing teams to stay ahead in an ever-evolving landscape.

The travel industry is experiencing a remarkable recovery, particularly following the global-wide lifting of border restrictions. Tourism Boards are reporting substantial surge in tourist arrival numbers as well as high hotel room bookings. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), international arrivals in the first quarter of 2023 reached an impressive 80% of pre-pandemic levels.

With such powerful resurgence for the travel industry, as evidenced by the significant rises in tourist numbers and high demands for hotel room bookings, brands are now keenly seeking ways to connect and engage with international travellers. Here, the importance of providing content in the desired languages of these audiences cannot be overstated.

“In addition to frequently requested languages such as Arabic, Chinese, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Spanish and Thai, we have observed growing requests from our clients for additional languages like Khmer, Korean, Tamil and Vietnamese. These are to be offered as optional languages for their websites, as well as for localised marketing content and advertising campaigns", said Joanne Chan, Global Business Director at IPPWORLD.

To meet the demand from these emerging markets, including Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam, IPPWORLD is looking to establish an on-site presence.

According to CSA Research, neglecting to provide local language offerings may result in losing up to 60% of the potential market. Furthermore, research indicates that over 65% of potential buyers prefer visiting websites that cater to their language. By incorporating more languages into their global marketing campaigns, brands can reach out to these previously untapped markets and expand their customer base.

With a proven track record of delivering top-notch transcreation and multilingual editorial services, IPPWORLD has built long-standing relationships with leading brands in the hospitality, travel, tourism, retail, as well as lifestyle sectors. Their expertise extends across various marketing touchpoints, covering websites, booking engines, social media posts, CRM assets, food menus, and more.

The revamped website reaffirms IPPWORLD's commitment to delivering exceptional value, while the company continues to assist current and new clients extend their global reach by connecting and engaging their target audiences in their preferred languages.

Explore IPPWORLD's refreshed website today at https://www.ippworld.com.

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IPPWORLD is an established Singapore-headquartered transcreation (creative translation) and marketing localisation agency, specialised in helping global hospitality, travel, lifestyle and retail brands connect and engage with international audiences in their preferred languages. With over 20 years of experience, IPPWORLD provides one-stop transcreation and localisation solutions to enhance brand communication, boost conversion, and drive revenue growth.

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22 Jun 2023

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