YA-MAN Becomes the First Brand of Home-use Beauty Devices to Attend the World Congress of Dermatology

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 6 July 2023 - The 25th World Congress of Dermatology (hereinafter referred to as WCD), themed "Dermatology Beyond Borders," took place in Singapore from 3rd to 8th July 2023. 2023 marks the inaugural year for including the home-use beauty device category at the WCD; With its 45 years of expertise and profound involvement in medical research and innovation with distinguished doctors and experts, YA-MAN emerged as the first home-use beauty device brand to be invited and participate in this esteemed event.


The World Congress of Dermatology, often acclaimed as the "Olympics of Dermatology", carries a prestigious legacy of over 130 years. As the largest and oldest academic conference in international dermatology, it focuses on profound discussions of significant breakthroughs and advancements in dermatology; it represents the latest research achievements and future directions within the field, endeavoring to elevate global skin health standards.

At the conference dedicated to exploring the research and application of home-use beauty devices, Professor Yan Wu from the Department of Dermatology at Peking University First Hospital, presented the medical research and innovation achievements of YA-MAN in the Chinese market as a case study. Together with over 10,000 dermatology experts and physician representatives from more than 180 countries worldwide, they discussed the relationship between home-use beauty devices and dermatology, as well as the value and significance to dermatology.

Professor Yan Wu expressed, "Home-use beauty devices are regarded as valuable assistants by dermatologists due to their various benefits in improving skin aging and other related concerns. The healthy development of this field relies on the in-depth research conducted by dermatologists and pioneering home-use beauty device brands like YA-MAN, who are committed to collaborative research with distinguished doctors and experts." Such affirmation fully recognizes YA-MAN's industry leadership position.

During the conference, Kazunori Maeda, Chief Technology Officer of YA-MAN, shared with the experts the exclusive technologies YA-MAN's Mimic Muscles Research Institute developed. These technologies are grounded in research on diverse racial bone structures and muscles. One notable example is the S16PN circular radiofrequency technology (RF), which effectively stimulates "Collagen" and "Elastin", thus slowing down the aging process of the dermis. Significantly, this presentation marked the first occasion for YA-MAN to unveil the institute's cutting-edge research achievements and the latest technological advancements in fundamental skin research.

In addition to technological innovations, YA-MAN maintains a steadfast commitment to exploring cutting-edge technology and new materials; Through collaborations with esteemed Japanese universities and experts, YA-MAN has successfully developed an advanced wearable technology that not only reduces user time and costs but also enables precise and efficient anti-aging effects on facial muscles. It has been revealed that YA-MAN will officially launch this innovative product this year. Looking ahead, YA-MAN will persist in creating home-use beauty devices that integrate photoelectric technology, providing users with the usage experience of these devices closer to skincare products while achieving results comparable to large-scale photoelectric equipment; It will expand into various application scenarios and usher in a new era for home-use beauty devices.

Kimiyo Yamazaki, the CEO of YA-MAN, expressed great gratitude for the opportunity to showcase YA-MAN's cutting-edge beauty device research in combating skin aging as the first home-use beauty device brand to appear at the WCD. "Engaging in exchanges and learning from the world's top dermatological experts, we hope this product category will be recognized and endorsed by a broader community of international dermatology experts and scholars in the future," she added.

YA-MAN has firmly established its roots in beauty technology for nearly 45 years, leading the industry in Asian skin fundamental research and technological innovation in home-use beauty devices. Moving forward, YA-MAN will continue to drive technological breakthroughs and innovations, transforming home-use beauty devices into home-use care tools for safeguarding people's beauty and skin health.

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06 Jul 2023

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