BingX First CEX to Lists ChatGPT founder's Worldcoin on Trading Platform

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 27 July 2023 - BingX, a cryptocurrency exchange , is thrilled to unveil the listing of a new trading pair, WLD/USDT, for the highly anticipated Worldcoin (WLD). This momentous move comes as part of BingX's commitment to offer a diverse range of trading opportunities to its esteemed users.

Worldcoin, founded over three years ago with an audacious vision, aims to establish a decentralized global network that empowers individuals worldwide. As news of WLD token came to life, the team at BingX spared no hesitation and carried out its due diligence in research. This resulted in BingX being the first CEX to list World Coin right after the launch on 2023-07-24, 07:30:00 (UTC+0).

With the addition of the WLD/USDT trading pair, BingX is reinforcing its reputation as a leading cryptocurrency exchange. Not only can users engage in Worldcoin spot trading, but they can also explore the WLD USDT futures trading option for World Token. This marks a significant milestone for Worldcoin as it strives to create a new identity and financial network accessible to everyone.

At BingX, the team is dedicated to conducting thorough evaluations of listed projects. A team of experienced researchers meticulously assesses the underlying risks associated with new coin projects before granting them a spot on the exchange. This stringent evaluation process ensures that only projects meeting the highest standards are showcased on BingX's esteemed spot trading platform.

In addition, BingX continues to closely monitor the stability and performance of listed projects even after they debut on the trading platform. This ongoing evaluation period allows BingX to reassess the project's suitability for inclusion on its Futures trading platform. By adopting this careful approach, BingX aims to minimize risks for traders and provide a secure and reliable trading environment.

With Worldcoin Price and listings now available, BingX has also live their Worldcoin trading analysis. With information and the ability to trade new hot coins, BingX users can access a wider array of trading options, enhancing their trading experience and enabling them to explore the potential of the cryptocurrency market.

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About BingX
About BingX
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27 Jul 2023



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