Unveiling Petite Practice - A New Paediatric Clinic in Katong

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 10 October 2023 - Petite Practice, a bespoke paediatric service, has announced the opening of their flagship general paediatric clinic in Katong, Singapore. By offering both speciality paediatric and allergy services, Petite Practice aims to provide accessible and quality specialist care to families and children living in the East.

As subspecialised care, such as allergy testing and management services, is traditionally housed in hospitals, many young children feel intimidated and are reluctant to accept medical care and attention. As such, Petite Practice aims provide their allergy care services in a more convenient, comfortable and warm environment thus creating a positive medical experience for families and children. Moreover, as a specialist clinic, Petite Practice follows an appointment-based approach, limiting walk-in cases and focusing on complex cases, including allergic reactions and chronic management. This helps the clinic prevent overcrowding and ensures that all children are attended to in a timely manner.

Petite Practice offers check-ups for babies and children, immunisations and evaluation, management of common childhood illnesses, and allergy testing services. Having experience in Singapore's public and private healthcare systems, consultant paediatrician Dr Mohana Rajakulendran is well-versed in allergy testing and management. These allergy services help to treat uncomfortable symptoms that may affect children's sleep quality or focus and attention at school, overall improving their quality of life. Additionally, Petite Practice has access to state-of-the-art medical equipment, including specialised test procedures for allergies. With their experienced team and advanced equipment, Petite Practice guarantees holistic, quality medical care and attention to children in a calm and friendly environment.

Petite Practice is a reliable and convenient paediatric clinic in Singapore offering paediatric allergy testing and management services for children and families in the East. As a specialist clinic, Petite Practice constantly seeks ways to empower parents to care for their children during common childhood illnesses or allergies.

For more information on Petite Practice and its services, please visit https://www.petitepractice.com/.

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10 Oct 2023

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