Leading Taiwanese Companies to Exhibit Cutting-edge Industrial and Enterprise 5G Connectivity Solutions at COMNEXT Tokyo 2023

In collaboration with the Industry Development Bureau and the Institute for Information Industry in Taiwan

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Media OutReach - 13 June 2023 - in partnership with the Industry Development Bureau (IDB) and the Institute for Information Industry (III), Taiwan, a series of industry-leading companies will exhibit their innovative industrial and enterprise 5G connectivity solutions at COMNEXT Tokyo 2023. The exhibition will include Askey Computer Corp., LITE-ON Technology Corp., Quanta Cloud Technology, and REIGN Technology Corporation. A seminar discussing Next Generation Communication Industry Trends in Taiwan and Japan will also take place ahead of the show.


Events Calendar:

1. Forum: 2023 Taiwan-Japan Forum and Industrial Cooperation Session
June 27th – 13:00 - 16:20
Location: The Okura Tokyo Hotel, Orchard Room, 2nd Fl., 2-10-4 Toranomon Minato-ku Tokyo 105-0001 Japan
Please register to attend the forum at: https://www.local5g-tw-jp.com/

2. COMNEXT Tokyo 2023 5G Team Taiwan Booth
June 28th – 30th
Location: Tokyo Big Sight, West Hall, Booth 4-12
More at the exhibition page: https://lnk.globalpr.agency/5gtw3

3. Grand Opening Ceremony
June 28th – 10:00
Location: 5G Team Taiwan COMNEXT Booth, West Hall, Booth 4-12
Open to the public, no registration necessary.

Meeting Arrangements & Translation:
Visitors interested in an exhibitor can submit a form before the show to arrange a meeting with a company representative.
All pre-arranged meetings will have translators present to offer assistance at no cost.

To apply for free meeting arrangement services, please go to:
* https://5gteamtaiwan.globalpr.agency/5gmeeting-jp (Japanese Form)
* https://5gteamtaiwan.globalpr.agency/5gmeeting (English Form)

The 5G Team Taiwan COMNEXT Participants

Askey Computer Corp. (ASKEY)
ASKEY, a subsidiary of ASUSTeK Computer Inc., is a specialist in wireless network communications and intelligent IoT equipment for industry and enterprise, including 5G, Wi-Fi 6/7 and Bluetooth Mesh networks. ASKEY's R&D, manufacturing, and business footprints have reached throughout Taiwan, China, Brazil, Japan, and North America.

ASKEY 5G Products Exhibited:
ASKEY 5G network solutions are designed to deliver faster speed, lower latency, and increased capacity, making them the ideal solution for businesses that require high-bandwidth for applications such as video conferencing and AR/VR/XR. With inherently high reliability and robust security, a private 5G network allows businesses to take control of their wireless connectivity by customizing the network to meet their specific needs. Deployments can be on-premises, providing work sites with complete control and security, or providing connectivity off-site to remote locations.

ASKEY Private Network Solutions can directly accelerate 5G AI+IoT integration in smart factories; for example, a smart manufacturing site can adopt ASKEY 5G devices, allowing data collection by autonomous mobile robots (AMR), unmanned vehicles (AGV), and VR to be transmitted with exceptionally low latency. This has allowed operators to perform real-time collaboration and remote maintenance, maximizing factory efficiency and capacity.

LITE-ON Technology Corp. (LITEON)
Founded in 1975, LITEON is dedicated to providing low power, highly efficient 5G/O-RAN SA products. With the commitment to innovation in designs and manufacturing capabilities in Taiwan, it offers small cell, AIO & EMS cross both sub-6GHz (FR1) & mmWave (FR2) solutions worldwide for customers in complex operating environments and with multiple application requirements.

LITEON 5G Products Exhibited:
LITEON RAN solution provides a comprehensive 5G/O-RAN SA compliant product portfolio from O-RU, All-in-One small cell to EMS-RIC, which supports both Sub-6GHz (FR1) and mmWave (FR2) spectrum.

LITEON FlexFi AIO & Femtocell are designed to support sub-6G bands across n78/n79, using a flexible, high performance, and cost-effective architecture. Customers can streamline deployment through PoE, while minimizing power consumption and operating costs. LITEON FlexFi O-RU embraces the concept of a virtualized, disaggregated, and open architecture, which can be deployed in a wide range of scenarios across both sub-6GHz (FR1) and mmWave (FR2) in varied architectures. LITEON LiteNetics is a comprehensive 5G network management system that offers an intuitive web interface for operators to deploy, scale and optimize small cell performance in daily operation.

Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT)
Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT) designs, manufactures, integrates and services cutting edge offerings for 5G Telco/Edge, AI/HPC, Cloud, and Enterprise infrastructure via its own global network. Product lines include hyper-converged and software-defined data center solutions as well as servers, storage, and network switches from 1U to entire racks with a diverse ecosystem of hardware components and software partners to fit a variety of business verticals and workload parameters.

QCT 5G Products Exhibited:
QCT also offers 5G end-to-end solutions spanning data center, core network, radio access network deployment, to on-premise applications, as well as a full spectrum of off-the-shelf hardware solutions that include storage, NFVI, DU/CU servers, edge servers, and uCPE, to drive fundamental changes in the way telco operators plan, deploy, and manage their infrastructure with greater flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

REIGN Technology Corporation (G REIGNS)
G REIGNS creates a portable 5G private network system, enabling users to create an enterprise own, secure, enterprise-grade network environment anywhere quickly and easily with a cellular signal. With up to 1.4Gbps downlink, flexible indoor/outdoor designs, in-built QoS and resource scheduling, the REGIN CORE/REGIN CORE S2 provides high reliability and ensures predictable operation.

G REIGNS 5G Products Exhibited:
The G REIGINS 5G private network provides a highly reliable and flexible system for private 5G network applications and deployments. Supporting several sub-6GHz FR1 bands with up to 100MHz maximum bandwidth, it ensures 5G SA wireless signals can operate and deploy large scale without interference.

Deployments within customer facilities can be tailored according to power requirements and the connection reach/performance desired for each environment, accommodating higher power output for outdoor use or low power when indoors. QoS and Resource Scheduling can be tailored to guarantee bandwidth to terminals and ensure the performance predictable and acceptable for the application requirements. A dedicated SIM card with two-way identification and authentication significantly improves security.

For more information about the 5G Team Taiwan or to request further information, please contact Samantha Wang at samantha@globalpr.agency or Mei Chang at mei@globalpr.agency

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About Industry Development Bureau, Taiwan
About Industry Development Bureau, Taiwan
The Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) is an administrative agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan. IDB serves the role to formulate industrial policies, and to oversee various industries including metal & mechanical, information technology, consumer goods & chemical, knowledge services, as well as sustainable development in Taiwan.

About Institute for Information Industry, Taiwan
The Institute for Information Industry (III) has contributed to pioneering research and development in information and communication technology, the deepening and broadening of information applications, training and educational activities, and national technological infrastructure deployment. As The Digital Transformation Enabler, its objective is to promote information communication technology innovation and applications in Taiwan, and to assist in the development of the digital economy.

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13 Jun 2023


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