The "HOYA Cup Billiards Championship," a world premiere event, disbursed its prizes in cryptocurrency, Drawing the participation of 400 competitors vying for nearly 400,000 in total winnings, culminating in victory for billiards prodigy,Bingyi Ke.

TAIWAN - Media OutReach - 19 June 2023 - Chinese Taipei Billiards Federation joined forces with cryptocurrency exchange HOYA BIT to grandly orchestrate the first-ever HOYA Cup National 9-Ball Billiards Championship in 2023. This tournament, featuring a substantial total prize of 392,000 New Taiwan dollars, succeeded in attracting numerous billiards virtuosos. The method of prize distribution was a groundbreaking first – using Tether (USDT) cryptocurrency, adding an unprecedented innovative element to billiards competitions. To further elevate the dazzling event, this edition of the HOYA Cup Billiards Championship invited eight star-studded guest players, bringing a superior level of grandeur to the world of billiards.

The HOYA Cup Billiards Championship adhered to the latest regulations set by the Billiards Association in 2022, employing a match rule of 5-11 rounds. The total prize pool for the HOYA Cup was Tether (USDT) equivalent to 392,000 New Taiwan dollars, drawing many professional players and billiards enthusiasts to enroll. The scope of the HOYA Cup extended across Taiwan, with the preliminary rounds commencing on June 3, each venue in Kaohsiung, Hsinchu, Taichung, and Taipei was fully packed. The preliminary stage used a double elimination format with an eight-to-one knockout, ultimately advancing 64 players to the finals, including eight renowned billiard stars - Bingyi Ke, Bingzhong Ke, Binghan Ke, Shuijing Jiang, Jieyu Zhou, Kunlin Wu, Ronglin Zhang, and Jiazhen Xie.

June 11 saw the climax of the HOYA Cup Billiards Championship, with players giving their all, showcasing their exceptional skills and competitive prowess. The matches were conducted under a single elimination system. Following a series of intense battles, the finals saw a thrilling showdown between the 'Prince of Billiards' Ke Bingyi and 'The King Killer' Ke Bingzhong.

In the end, player Bingyi Ke seized the championship throne with a score of 11:5, earning 3,222 Tether coins (USDT), equivalent to 100,000 New Taiwan dollars. Post-match, Ke Bingyi expressed, "I'm elated to have participated in a competition in Taiwan, that is akin to a small-scale international match. My performance today was fairly steady, possibly due to recent active participation, my touch was maintained, I'm quite satisfied."Bingyi Ke also conveyed his hopes to continue the momentum of the HOYA Cup into upcoming international opens in Romania and Spain, aiming to secure prominent results.

In light of the successful hosting of the HOYA Cup Billiards Championship, Peng Yunxian, CEO of the HOYA BIT Cryptocurrency Exchange, stated, "I am pleased that the first HOYA Cup received extensive support from numerous players, and I also thank the Billiards Association for their assistance. We hope the next HOYA Cup will be conducted even better, on a larger scale, promoting billiards to a broader audience." The HOYA Cup National 9-Ball Billiards Championship has become an essential platform for players to exchange skills and improve their techniques. Simultaneously, it has injected fresh vitality and impetus into the billiards sector. We applaud the successful hosting of this event and salute the brilliant performances of all participating players. We believe in the flourishing development of billiards in the future, offering us more thrilling competitions and moments. We eagerly anticipate the next HOYA Cup National 9-Ball Billiards Championship to witness the glorious world of billiards once again.

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19 Jun 2023


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