Experience Tainan’s Rich Heritage, a Muse for "Someday or One Day"

TAINAN, TAIWAN - Media OutReach – 25 September 2023 – As the starting point of Taiwan's history, Tainan is home to well-preserved historical sites and traditional culture. A wealth of historical value and anecdotes is to be found every step of the way. No wonder Tainan ranks, alongside Kyoto, Hoi An, Bangkok, and Seoul, as one of the top five must-visit cities to experience Asian traditional cultures. Furthermore, donning Tainan's traditional attire (qipao) to immerse in its cultural and historical charms has become a memory cherished and shared by visitors from around the world. A trip to Tainan can easily evoke a sense of time travel, taking the visitor back to how the city has evolved over four centuries.

Photo: Tainan's tourist attractions (from left to right): Confucius Temple Cultural Park, Anping Old Fort, Koxinga Shrine
Tainan's tourist attractions (from left to right): Confucius Temple Cultural Park, Anping Old Fort, Koxinga Shrine

Want to savor the popular drama "Someday or One Day" again? This can be easily done by taking a journey to Tainan and being part of a massive international tourist event. A comprehensive map of filming locations for both the TV and cinematic versions has been created for fans everywhere. Retrace Huang Yu-hsuan's steps to Three Two Record Store that leads to her changing upon key clues; Grandma Mo's Shaved Ice Shop at Madou, Fengnan Senior High School at Liuying, and the spot for watching sunrise on New Year's Day at Zuozhen. Be at the very scenes where the main characters have their classic dialogues. Tainan's unique retro style promises infinite surprises.

Traversing the span of 400 years, it takes a mere 3-hour flight from Vietnam to the ancient city of Tainan. Join your friends or family to put on qipaos for a stroll through Tainan's historical alleys and backstreets, immersing yourselves in the charm of the city's four-century history. Indulge in the culinary delights of Michelin-starred restaurants and century-old establishments. Stay in uniquely designed boutique homestays available for exclusive bookings. Tainan, with its cornucopia of sightseeing resources, has secured multiple travel safety certifications and implemented a full range of visitor-friendly measures. It promises to host every international visitor with the highest standards of hospitality that only befits an international city wholeheartedly dedicated to tourism.

Since Taiwan reopened its borders to international visitors on October 13, 2022, Tainan has emerged as one of the most recommended destinations. High on the list of Tainan's diverse and rich tourist attractions are the Sicao Green Tunnel, also fondly known as the "Little Amazon River"; the Chimei Museum that is distinctly reminiscent of European palaces; Taiwan's oldest salt fields; historical buildings scattered throughout its streets and alleyways. Moreover, Tainan will celebrate its 400th anniversary in 2024. As is only fitting for this auspicious occasion, the city will host the Taiwan Lantern Festival, the most important annual event for Taiwan's tourism industry. Together with the Longci Light Festival, Yuejin Lantern Festival, Puji Temple's Lantern Festival, Chenggong Lantern Festival, and Shennong Street Lantern Festival, what awaits visitors is no less than the grandest event of its kind ever in this country. That's not all. The World Orchid Conference Trust (WOCT) has also chosen Tainan as host to both the 23rd World Orchid Conference and the 20th Taiwan International Orchid Show, a World Cup-like event for the orchid community that only takes place every three years. International travelers are invited to enjoy both the Taiwan Lantern Festival and the international orchid show at the same time.

Tainan City Government spares no effort in promoting tourism. Priority is given to attracting more international visitors and encouraging local tour groups to stay and spend in the city. Thus, the 2023 Incentive Program for the Travel Industry to Attract International Tourists has been implemented with a view to driving the city's tourism industry and enhancing its appeal to international tourists. For the latest in Tainan's tourist attractions and events, please go to Travel Tainan or its Facebook fanpage: https://www.twtainan.net/en; https://www.facebook.com/traveltainan/?locale=zh_TW.

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