"Thailand Privilege Card" Marks 20th Anniversary with Grand Revamp: Unveils New Brand Logo, Membership Packages, and Exclusive Luxury Lifestyle Perks.

Revealing a Robust Strategy to Capture the Premium Foreign Long-Term Residency Market in Thailand, Projected to Generate Revenue Exceeding Ten Billion Baht

  • Thailand Privilege Card has continued to grow consistently over the course of 20 years, generating revenue into the country exceeding 50 billion Thai Baht, with a membership base of over 31,500 members.
  • The company has embarked on an aggressive strategy, focusing on brand modernization by creating a fresh identity through a new logo, a new uniform, and new card formats for all 4 packages. This is aimed at targeting high-end tourists.
  • The company is establishing new selling points that emphasize elevating privileges beyond boundaries under the concept "More Choices More Freedom." Additionally, they are expanding across primary, secondary, and potential new markets.
  • The company is cultivating sustainable growth through the creation of an ecosystem in collaboration with partners across various tourism industries. This is set to elevate member services in all aspects and meet customer needs across dimensions.

BANGKOK, THAILAND - Media OutReach - 30 August 2023 - Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd. (TPC), the operator of the Thailand Elite Card Project overseen by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), has undergone a rebranding with the vision of establishing itself as a global leader in offering premium privileges to prominent individuals seeking long-term residency in Thailand. The previous eight membership card options have been phased out, making way for the new "Thailand Privilege Card" product, which is now available in four distinct packages. Crafted upon the bedrock of the "Freedom of Choices" philosophy, these packages embrace amplified privileges customized to a variety of global lifestyles. With a deliberate emphasis on pivotal markets, namely China, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, and European Union nations, with an ambitious projection of contributing over ten billion Baht into the nation.

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Reflecting on the operational accomplishments of the Thailand Privilege Card in 2023 and its current performance, Mr. Manatase Annawat, President of Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd., stated, "The Thailand Privilege Card has reached an impressive 20-year milestone, and we take great pride in this achievement. The company has continuously developed services and introduced products to cater to the evolving needs of international residents seeking long-term residency in Thailand. We are the sole global Residency Campaign that offers Visa Privileges alongside Airport Services and Lifestyle Privileges, resulting in an accumulated income of over 50 billion baht over our 20-year journey, with a membership that exceeds 31,500 members. In the year 2023 alone, we achieved approximately 7,500 billion baht, witnessing a growth of more than 11,500 members, representing a remarkable 210% increase from the revenue of 2022."

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd., a significant rebranding and enhancement of benefits has been introduced. This transformation marks the shift from the 'Thailand Elite Card' to the 'Thailand Privilege Card,' extending a warm welcome and ensuring utmost satisfaction and convenience for international residents aspiring to establish long-term residency in Thailand. This revamped offering includes comprehensive benefits of airport privileges, enriched travel experiences, leisure, accomodations, activities, business investment opportunities, and more. This multifaceted rebranding effort involves key changes, such as contemporary logo design and new staff uniforms. Guided by the company's brand DNA, 'GRACE,' the company aims to elevate Thai product and service quality, generate revenue for the nation's economy, and reinforce the image of a global organizational leader.

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"The company targets four main segments: Frequent International Visitors/ Affluent/Investors, Workcation/Digital Nomads, Expats in Thailand, and Retirees. The company will strategically penetrate markets in various potential countries, encompassing key markets such as China, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, South Korea, and European Union countries. Additionally, the company will explore and expand its presence in emerging markets with potential, such as India and countries within the GCC region, including Saudi Arabia," Mr. Manatase added.

The new benefits of the Thailand Privilege Card, following the concept of 'More Choices More Freedom,' each membership category will accrue Privilege Points, enabling the redemption of exclusive privileges and extraordinary experiences. The membership cards are categorized into four packages:

RESERVE: The membership fee is 5 million baht, with a membership duration of 20 years or more. This option is designed for individuals seeking long-term entry and exit to Thailand. Membership can be renewed every 5 years, and members can earn 120 accumulated points annually for redeeming top-tier privileges, including accommodations, travel conveniences, investments, health and wellbeing, and more. The RESERVE membership is exclusively available through invitation and is limited to 100 individuals per year.

DIAMOND: The membership fee is 2.5 million baht, with a membership duration of 15 years and exclusive privileges throughout the stay in Thailand. Members earn 55 accumulated points annually to redeem additional privileges.

PLATINUM: The membership fee is 1.5 million baht, with a membership duration of 10 years. Members accumulate 35 points annually to redeem additional privileges.

GOLD: The membership fee is 900,000 baht, with a membership duration of 5 years. This option is curated for individuals seeking short-term entry and exit to Thailand. Members can accumulate 20 points annually to redeem additional privileges.

'More Choices More Freedom' introduces exclusive privileges to all cardholders' preferred lifestyle, delivering premium services throughout their stay in Thailand.

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These privileges encompass premium airport assistance services, exclusive lounge access at the airport on both arrival and departure, limousine transfers, and personal liaison services available in four languages: English, Korean, Mandarin, and Japanese, with the potential for additional languages in the future.

Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd. is pressing forward through collaborations with diverse sectors within the tourism industry, aiming to enhance comprehensive service to members. The key is to generate revenue for businesses that align with diverse lifestyles nationwide, including:

  1. Stay: Exclusive privileges for exceptional stays in world-class luxury hotels, including benefits i.e. "Stay 1 night get 1 more night," and room upgrade opportunities
  2. Travel: Special travel privileges in partnership with leading airlines, featuring personal assistants and welcoming staff at airports, dedicated airport transfers, airport lounge access, as well as perks like private drivers, private yachts, private jets, and private car rentals.
  3. Leisure: A range of benefits from partnering establishments such as restaurants, entertainment venues, shopping outlets, and sports activities. These benefits encompass discounts, VIP lounges, personal shopping assistance, priority viewing at prominent shopping centers, co-working spaces, and even a "buy-one-get-one-free" movie ticket offer.
  4. Well-Being: provides exclusive privileges in health and wellness. This includes health check-ups at prominent hospitals, spa services, access to fitness center facilities, and top-tier wellness centers.
  5. Wealth: Investment-related privileges, including the Wisdom Card (subject to terms), financial and investment advisory services, training seminars, and exclusive packages for health and life insurance.

For those intrigued by the Thailand Privilege Card, further information is available on the official website at www.thailandelite.com. For partners interested in collaborating with the company, please contact the Vendor Relations Department at 02-3534145 or email vendor_relations@thailandelite.com. For those interested in becoming agents and expanding their business worldwide, please reach out to the Sales Representative Management Department at 02-353-4120 or via email at salesgroup@thailandelite.com.


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30 Aug 2023

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