Elm to Expand into East Asian Markets to Enhance Its Global Presence

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - EQS Newswire - 24 October 2023 - Elm, a pioneer in digital solutions, seeks to expand its footprint into East Asian markets in line with its efforts to boost its potential in developing products and solutions that are capable of meeting evolving demands and reinforcing its presence across the global market. The move aligns with Elm's objective to exhibit its expertise in these markets by delivering innovative products and services that facilitate individuals' lives, enhance institutional operations, and keep up with global developments in digital transformation.

Elm's expansion into global markets is vital to the company's success, as it enables engagement with new customers and broaden its scope of work. The company highlighted that entering Asian markets in particular depends mainly on partnerships with the private sector. Furthermore, the company intends to collaborate with the private sector in East Asia to leverage the opportunities available within the digital sector, especially in creating digital identity in several Asian countries and creating a digital identity signature to identify all individuals with a distinctive identity, in addition to transferring its expertise to these markets in the field of change management solutions, which is considered one of the challenges in the region.

Moreover, with the rapid developments in the field of digital transformation in East Asia, Elm recognises the need to redesign existing business models using the latest technological innovations and provide core business services in new ways, using different channels to increase revenue growth and access to a wider customer base. Therefore, the company attaches great significance to expanding into new and promising markets, such as East Asian markets, with the aim of obtaining an important share through the opportunities provided to companies specialising in digital transformation.

For over three decades, Elm has taken vital role in digital transformation in both the public and private sectors, solidifying its position as a preferred digital partner for a diverse range of individual and institutional customers. With more than 30 million users and almost 700,000 commercial clients in the private sector, the company operates with a vision to create a knowledgeable society that stays updated with the demands of the digital age. Moreover, it manages over 170 projects and processes more than two billion transactions annually.

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24 Oct 2023


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