10,000 Fans Thrilled For 6 Hours With Charlie Puth At 8wonder International Music Festival In Vinpearl Nha Trang

NHA TRANG, VIETNAM - Media OutReach - 24 July 2023 - Nearly 10,000 enchanted souls witnessed the magic unfold, with millions of others tuning in via live streams of the mesmerizing 8Wonder International Music Festival which took place at Vinpearl Nha Trang, Hon Tre Island, Nha Trang on the evening of July 22. During the 6-hour non-stop show, the ethereal melodies of 8 musicians reverberated inside the 10,400 square meters of wonder, under a 50-meter-high stage adorned with a shimmering glow of lights. These awe-inspiring figures eloquently recount the triumphant performances by world-renowned superstar, Charlie Puth, and 7 Vietnamese "hitmakers."

For over 6 hours, nearly 10,000 music enthusiasts soared amidst the pinnacle of creative expression, reveling in a sequence of enthralling performances and a cascade of entertainment experiences.

The awe-inspiring 8Wonder stage, adorned with the elegance of jellyfish and corals.
The awe-inspiring 8Wonder stage, adorned with the elegance of jellyfish and corals.

Charlie Puth: A Virtuoso of Euphony

Charlie Puth, one of industry's most consistent hitmakers and sought-after collaborators, hailed as the "global music icon", graced Vietnam with his musical presence for the first time, becoming the focal point of adoration at the magnificent music festival. His 75-minute performance commenced at 9:00 PM and guided thousands of 8Wonder attendees and viewers through a kaleidoscope of emotions with a collection of 21 exclusive hits such as "Attention", "Forget you", "Light Switch", "Boy", "That's Not How It Works", "How Long", "One Call Away", and "We Don't Talk Anymore", etc.

Setting the stage ablaze with his captivating opening hit "Charlie Be Quiet", Puth elicited a palpable restlessness among his admirers. Timeless classics, cherished by the youth, were lovingly treated to fresh arrangements, exclusively curated for the 8Wonder stage. Nha Trang, Vietnam served as the debut destination of the "Attention" singer before embarking on his "Charlie's Live Experience World Tour" across Asia that begins in October.

Charlie Puth ensconced in a magical piano performance.

As the night unfurled, the harmonious image of the multi-talented musician, Puth, skillfully entwined with his piano. His fingers tickled the ivory, accompanied by his voice's mesmerizing modulation, ensnaring thousands below in a musical journey.

Sharing about his musical presence for the first time in Vietnam, Puth said: "This my first time to be here. Thank you for making my first experience in Vietnam so special! We all hope to be back very soon!"

Before the spotlight shifted to the idols, Vietnam's contemporary "hitmakers" led the audience on a journey featuring over 30 songs of limitless emotions, each reflecting the unique musical personalities of the individual artists. Each song received a novel interpretation, with mesmerizing mashups and medleys that resonated profoundly with 8Wonder's diverse audience, spanning generations on Hon Tre Island.

The Vietnamese hitmakers, participating in 8Wonder included Ha Anh Tuan, Ho Ngoc Ha, HIEUTHUHAI, MONO, Tlinh, and AMEE, etc., who brought hits and attractive dancing performances to the stage, under the amazing sunset on Nha Trang Bay.

8Wonder - The Dawn of a New Music Festival Experience

Beyond delivering boundless emotional wonder through the harmonious convergence of global and Vietnamese music, the 8Wonder mega-music festival brought forth a rare confluence of activities, rarely witnessed in any other musical gathering.

As they eagerly awaited their favorite stars, thousands of attendees reveled in a captivating array of recreational activities. They immersed themselves in artistic installations, explored art workshops, sought insights from tarot readers, adorned themselves with henna tattoos, interacted with spirited LED drum dancers, and savored gastronomic delights from around the world.

8Wonders International Music Festival was held in the 10,400 square meters of wonder, in Vinpearl Nha Trang.
8Wonders International Music Festival was held in the 10,400 square meters of wonder, in Vinpearl Nha Trang.

Beyond the 8Wonder, here comes an exuberant summer atmosphere unfolded, featuring over 100 thrilling games at "The Island Water Park - home to the most extensive collection of water games in Asia."

At the event, many visitors were also thrilled to explore a VinFast electric vehicle exhibition. They also had the opportunity to test-drive the latest models of electric vehicles, scooters, and bicycles.

Perfectly harmonizing with the Vinpearl Nha Trang resort paradise and the picturesque Hon Tre Island, the 8Wonder music festival drew the curtains on the WonderFest 2023 summer celebration, leaving all with unforgettable memories and the most extraordinary emotions.

With its impressive debut, the 8Wonder international music festival, combined with the annual international beach festival WonderFest, not only put Vietnam on the map of top international stars but also elevated Vietnam's tourism to new heights on the world tourism map.

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